The Stimulus Card gives you quality yoga for only $10 per class.

When things are less certain your practice will ground you and create stability,


your practice needs to be affordable!

Buy our 1 month STIMULUS PASS CARD where every class costs only $10.

Purchase 6 or more classes for a one month period of time, after which your card expires.

STIMULUS PASS CARDS start at 6 classes for $60...after that you just do the math;

7 classes for $70, 8 classes for $80, etc...


The Stimulus Card does not apply to our Session Classes, and there

are absolutely no extensions, refunds or freezes (for any reason) on Stimulus Pass Cards.

Stimulus Cards cannot be purchased as Gift Certificates,

they are not included in the free birthday give away class

or the 50% off offer on Gift Shop merchandise.

Stimulus Cards cannot be bought retroactively

(if you did not pay for class the week before, come in a week later and want a discount).


TRIANGLE YOGA offers 3 payment systems;

(and we accept cash, checks and credit cards):

You can DROP-IN (for an individual class),

buy into a SESSION (for a series of classes in a specifc style), or

purchase a PASS CARD (for a number of classes in a variety of styles).

Every time you buy a 3 month pass card

(Stimulus Cards and Monthly Unlimited cards are not included)

you are eligible to purchase anything from the Gift Shop at half price!

Our SESSION CLASSES are the following:

Anusara Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Kids, Tweens, Teens Yoga and Aerial Dance.



use the PASS CARD system. This system allows students the flexibility to drop-in to

any 'open' class (not a Session class) on the schedule with the use of their pass card.

Pass cards are not accepted in Session classes.

Triangle Yoga students that do not have a pass card can DROP-IN to an OPEN CLASS

with the single payment of $16, or $13 if you are a Senior (65+) or a student from any

University, High School or Elementary School.

'DROP- IN' students that deliberately come to class without any form of

payment will be charged an extra $5 for the class they take

Pass Card Options:

When you purchase your 3 Month Pass Card (of any listed size)

you are eligible to buy any ONE item in the Gift Shop at 50% off

(available on the day of purchase only). This offer does not apply

to any of our Monthly Unlimited cards.

If you have a pass card you can also receive a FREE class on your birthday.

Show us your license, or tell us when your birthday is when you register.

The following Pass Cards expire 3 months from date of purchase;

Buy the 5-class pass for $70 on your first visit,

and get your sixth class for FREE

3 class pass $45

(great for Weekenders and visiting yogis)

5 class pass: $70
10 class pass: $130

15 class pass: $180

The FAMILY CARD is a 15-class pass for $185.

Each family member will have their name on the pass card.

20 class pass: $220

30 class pass: $300

If you purchase any of the above 3 Month Pass Cards

(Stimulus Cards are not eligible), please give us your birth date

so you can take advantage of the FREE BIRTHDAY CLASS on your birthday.


1 Month Stimulus Card: Buy 6 or more classes @ $10 each class

1 Month Unlimited Pass: $180

3 Month Unlimited Pass: $150 per month for 3 months.

Commit to 3 months of automatic monthly drafts.

6 Month Unlimited Pass: $800 (approx  $133 per month, to be paid in full)

12 Month Unlimited Pass: $1500 ($125 per month, to be paid in full)

PLEASE NOTE: NO extensions or freezes are available on any of the unlimited cards.


If you dislike the 3 month expiration policy on our discounted pass cards,

you have the option of purchasing more than one class at the drop-in fee.

You can purchase 3-5-10-15-20-30 classes at $16 per class and the expiration

will be 1 year from date of purchase.

This pass card saves you the trouble of visiting the office every time you drop-in.


is any pass card purchased during Karma Week

(our week of FREE classes preceding Christmas Day).

When you purchase a Karma Card we add an extra class to your card.

If you already have a Pass Card, we will wait until that card is full

(or expired) before your Karma Card is activated.

If you need an extension on your KARMA CARD, the free class is removed.


are bought in bulk, and the price of a session is determined by the

number of weeks in a calendar season. Session Classes are paid in full prior

to the start date, and students are committed to that specific class.

You can receive a free class if you sign up for an Anusara Yoga Session

during their FREE WEEK. Otherwise, all Session Classes are $13 each.

Any student can DROP-IN to a Session Class with the single payment of $16.

No discounts are available.

Some Session Classes (Pre and Postnatal)

allow you to purchase only 5 classes and still receive the discount.

Referral Benefits:
If you are currently a pass card holder (with a 3 month expiration date)

and you bring in a newcomer who buys a Newcomer Special

Pass Card on their first visit, you will get one FREE class added to your pass card.

Passcard Policies:
Each Pass Card is void after one, or three months.

Pass Cards are non-transferable to other students or Session Classes,

but a  Pass Card Holder can put an out of town guest on their Pass Card one time.

can be bought for 1 class (our drop-in), 3, 5, 10, 20 or 30 classes (our passcards),

or for any amount to be be redeemed for Gift Shop merchandise or put towards yoga classes.

Gift certificates expire one year from date of purchase. When the receiver redeems their Gift

Certificate for a Pass Card, they will have 3 months to take their yoga classes.

If you are interested, call us at 919-933-9642.

* * * * * * *


Click here for Class Descriptions

offer a more in-depth experience with a Triangle Yoga teacher.

Classes are Saturday and Sunday afternoons (sometimes weekdays).

Pre-payment is suggestedas the the price goes up by $5-$10 more on the day of the event.

See the office sign-up sheet, or our website announcements for upcoming specials.

Most workshops are $200 if paid one month prior to the workshop date, otherwise the late fee is $250.

If there is more than one instructor, the fee is $250 one month prior to the workshop date,

and the late fee is $300.



NO REFUNDS are available for any Pass Cards, Workshops, or for any

Gift Shop merchandise purchased at Triangle Yoga. We will happily exchange

your purchase of a pass card, workshop or store merchandise for anything

offered at Triangle yoga.

Workshop and Pass Card fees are not refundable, but if a workshop cancellation is

necessary the fee may be transferred to other workshops, classes or gift shop merchandise.

All cancellations/transfers will be charged a $35 administrative fee.

Class Pass Cards and Session Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable to other students.


Pass Card EXTENSIONS are issued due to illness or injury.

If ones illness or injury lasts more than one month, we can issue

a FREEZE on the card and DEFROST the card upon return for a small fee.

Injured students can FREEZE their cards for a year.

The DEFROST fee is $10 plus $1 for each remaining, unused class.

The new expiration date will depend on how many classes are left.