Question: What's the hardest yoga pose?  

Corpse Pose. You only get it right once.


What did the Yogi tell the door-to-door salesman

who came to his home selling vacuum cleaners?

Answer: "Too many attachments!"  
Question: Why couldn't the Yogi vacuum his appartment?  
Answer: Because he'd let go of his attachments.  
Question: What did the sign in the window of the guru searching for a new disciple say?  
Answer: 'Inquire within'.  
Question: What did the Yogi say to the hot dog vendor?  
Answer: "Make me one with everything".  
  When the Yogi got his hot dog he gave the vendor a $20 bill. The vendor pocketed the bill. The Yogi said "Don't I get some change?". The vendor said "Change must come from within".  
Words of Wisdom Change is enevitable...except from vending machines.  
Question: How many Yogis does it take to change a lightbulb?  
Answer: Into what?  
Question: How many Iyengar Yogis does it take to replace a lightbulb?  

Only one...but, he will need a sticky mat, a backless chair,

2 blocks, 5 blankets, a bolster, 3 straps, 6 ropes, 4 belts, 5 assorted benches, a bandage, a slant board, 2 quarter rounds, 4 weights, a wooden horse and a certificate!

Words of Wisdom Don't just do something...sit there!  
The Yoga Police "You have the right to remain silent!"  
Words of Wisdom Blessed are the flexible for they shall NOT be bent out of shape!  
  My karma ran over my dogma!  
  When asked what gift the Yogi wanted for his birthday, the Yogi replied, "I wish no gifts, just your presence".  
  Did you hear about the yogi who was having his tooth pulled? When the dentist asked him if he wanted novocaine the Yogi said, "No, I can transcend dental medication".  
Iyengar Yoga  
Irish Yoga  
  Mahatma Gandhi was a revered yogi, and chose to live rugged and ascetic lifestyle. He often went barefoot and as a result, developed calloused feet. He ate a sparing vegetarian diet, including many beans, and developed bad breath. He also went on a number of fasts, which caused him to become somewhat weak. He was a "Super-calloused fragile mystic with extra halitosis".