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starts the new and returning student off on the right foot, debunking myths about yoga while acquainting them with life-enhancing yoga principles and practices that withstand the test of time. Students will experience why yoga thrives as the most appreciated ancient healing system in modern times.



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Yoga Foundations Series will resume in the Fall



Sept 9 - Oct 28

8 classes for $120

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Instructor Megan Koran

Megan Koran decided to complete a 200 RYT yoga certification at Mind the Mat in VA. after 8 years of practicing because the more she immersed herself in yoga the more she fell in love with it. Through the years Megan noticed that her practice became an integral part in her path to self-discovery and believes that yoga is a unique journey for every individual. Megan encourages authenticity in her students, and with a background as an Occupational Therapist she brings to her classes a holistic approach to the mind-body connection.  Megan's inspiration as a teacher comes from sharing her extensive knowledge as a trained therapist and yoga teacher. You can expect to find good music, a smile, and the freedom to be just as you are in her classes.