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This class is a class designed for the following students...

If you have Osteoporosis and need a modified yoga practice to safely and gradually build bone density through your own daily practice…

If you are hovering in Osteopenia and want to turn that tide to stronger bones…

If you want to steer away from fragile bones altogether by practicing preventive yoga…

...then Yoga for Healthy Bones is for you!

This work originates with Loren Fishman, MD ( A Physiatrist, Dr. Fishman practices Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in New York City. He began studying yoga with BKS Iyengar before his medical studies. Now nearing 80, Dr. Fishman continues to energetically apply yoga to the challenges of Osteoporosis. As a practicing Physiatrist and yoga teacher, he has researched Osteoporosis and designed not just what poses to do, but how to do them, all grounded in the science of why. In this session of 8 classes, you will learn about bone health and challenges, including a look at Osteoarthritis and Scoliosis, with an intention to take this all home to your own short, effective daily practice. You will learn essentials about what to avoid to protect your bones and joints. You will learn how to claim greater awareness, agility, strength and balance to stay on your feet!


is designed to deepen and clarify this safe and helpful practice.

We open each class with a more extended breath practice and warm-ups. We do the bone-building poses at a comfortable pace, and integrate new poses for spine, hip and upper body strength. Class ends with a generous and replenishing deep relaxation, Savasana. Expect a lovely practice at a nourishing pace.

You can expect...


1. Increased Flexibility.

The gentle stretching of a yoga poses can go a long way in helping you develop greater flexibility, which can ensure that you maintain a good range of motion as you get older. A limited range of motion, which naturally declines as the body ages, makes older adults predisposed to falls and eventually get in the way of daily activities.Yoga challenges parts of the body that may not be exercised in any other program, like spinal flexibility. Yogis believe 'the body is as young as the spine is flexible.' Yoga keeps the spine pliable and circulation moving up in the spinal chord.

2. Promotes Good Bone Health.

A gentle yoga practice is not only safe for those with osteoporosis, but it can also be effective in preventing and slowing bone density loss. Whether you're looking to prevent osteoporosis or to relieve pain from an existing bone condition or fracture, gentle twisting poses and stretches can be beneficial.Referring to a study involving adults with an average age of 68, bone mineral density (DEXA) scans were taken, half of them took yoga for 2 years, and then another scan was taken. Not only did the yogis not lose bone, they gained bone. The people that o didn't practice yoga lost bone density.

3. Yoga Keeps The Mind Sharp.

Taking quiet time out for yourself through a weekly or daily yoga practice can help relieve stress, and keep you centered and energized. When your body functions better, you're going to feel better. You'll have more energy, more vitality, and most yoga practitioners will say that regular yoga practice helps balance one's moods. Yoga is not only safe for older practitioners, but also effective in keeping the mind and body in good health.




on Wednesdays at 9:30am-10:30am

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Carol Verner, LMBT, RYT, comes to you with exceptional experience and resources. A seasoned elder, Carol has been teaching yoga for more than 40 years. She is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist with over 30 years in the art and science of touch. She taught the Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and Pathology curriculum at the Body Therapy Institute in the Massage Therapy Diploma Program for 23 years, and also many other anatomy courses in Yoga Teacher Trainings. Carol knows the body in motion and at rest, and in many conditions that call for knowledgeable modification to practice safely. Carol is a Certified Teacher of Yoga for Osteoporosis. This method created by Loren Fishman, MD, addresses a most pressing need, a way to reverse bone loss and reduce the devastating results of falls and fractures. Having lived through this in her own family, Carol is passionate about teaching this simple sequence that has adaptations for those with Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, and those with family histories who want to prevent bone loss. She is an inspiring advocate for your bone health! Carol is also available for private yoga classes. Email