for women

Cancer Survivors

a 20 hour Teachers Intensive

with Tari Prinster



This is a PILOT PROGRAM with partial online study hours.


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The y4c methodology was designed, developed and tested by Tari Prinster -

cancer survivor and yoga guru – in New York City cancer community. Through her own recovery and then through regularly classes in New York City over the past decade, Tari designed, modified and improved her vinyasa training to witness results in the hundreds of cancer survivors that took her classes and privates. These classes have grown from helping handful to helping hundreds every week. For more information on NYC classes, see here.

Since 2005, Tari has looked to help other compassionate yoga teachers from

all over the world to develop their knowledge and skills. As of today, she have

trained over 600 yoga teachers. The science-based training will provide tools and i

nsight on how to adapt all yoga styles and poses to fit the specific physical and

emotional needs of this community.

Level 1 – Teaching Yoga to Cancer Survivors

This 35 hr training is a basic introduction for those that have a wish to work

with the cancer community or are already working with them and require

additional training. Modules include:

The physics of yoga
Debunking myths of cancer and yoga
Facts of Cancer and its treatments. The harmful and life long side effects
Appropriate and inappropriate poses
Creating a healing community and class
Hands on supervised teaching

This training is a equal to a 4 day intensive.

All graduates are able to apply for CEU credits and will be offered

the chance to be listed on the y4c trained teacher register.

Manuals will be complimentary for your use throughout the training.

Reproduction of materials used in training will be strictly prohibited.





Teaching Yoga to Someone with Cancer

An intensive for Yoga Teachers or Heath-Care/Fitness Professionals

focusing on teaching yoga to cancer patients and survivors.

A wise and compassionate yoga teacher will want to know:

Specific benefits of yoga to cancer recovery and prevention

Concerns of patients and survivors and their special needs

Most important poses and poses to avoid

You will leave the workshop with:

An understanding of cancer patient’s physical and emotional needs

Knowledge of appropriate and inappropriate poses

Compassion balanced with proper precautions

Confidence to explain yoga benefits and talk about cancer

There will be asana demonstrations, a lecture and handouts.

Yoga Alliance CEU credits available towards 500 certification


Teaching Yoga to Someone with Cancer:

Is it Different? Yes!

Western medicine increasingly includes yoga as part of their wellness and alternative healing programs. They describe benefits of relaxation and enhanced quality of life. Their research claim yoga reduces fatigue, insomnia, negative moods and even pain. But rare, is there an explanation why? As yogis, we know that yoga keeps us healthy and makes us strong, balanced and peaceful.

Why wouldn’t it do the same for cancer survivors? It does. However, there

are risks, cautions that should be taken, and concerns to be addressed.

Most yoga teachers are trained to teach the general population and not

the special needs of cancer survivors.




About yoga4cancer Teacher Trainings:

Yoga is an obvious step for cancer patients and survivors coping with difficult treatments and ongoing side effects. Doctors are now recommending yoga as a way to manage anxiety and overall wellness. In 2012, the American Cancer Society recommended up to 150 minutes of exercise per week – explicitly mentioning yoga – to reduce chance of cancer and / or defend against reoccurrence. So more and more cancer survivors are coming to yoga classes to gain these benefits.

But not all yoga is the same and for cancer survivors it needs to be different. True compassion flows from knowledge and facts. Without specific training, a teacher is not capable to understand the unique physical and emotional needs and challenges of those touched by cancer. And cancer survivors come with higher expectations. The y4c training will provide you the knowledge and facts to address this community by exploring:

the science behind yoga
the basics of cancer treatments & side effects
how and why yoga strengthens the immune system, builds bone, restore strength and flexibility post-surgery, address lymphedema, aides relaxation of the nervous system
appropriate and inappropriate poses
and learn through practice, supervised teaching

The y4c methodology and training is not yoga for one-size-fits-all. Nor is it just a gentle yoga class. It is a specialized training for experienced teachers seeking to learn how to design a healing class for survivors at all stages of their healing or cancer journey. We focus on providing tools so that yoga teachers can addresses specific physical conditions, inspire hope, invite curiosity and give emotional support by creating a fun and nurturing community.

Yoga Alliance CEU credits are awarded based on length of any of the training.

These credits are applicable to most +500 advanced teacher trainings.

We recommend y4c trainings for certified yoga teacher at the 200 hour

level from any lineage (some exceptions apply).


Refund Policy:

50% refund two weeks to 48 hours prior to first day of training
No refund after 48 hours prior to first day of training



About Tari


Tari Prinster became a yoga teacher after her diagnosis of cancer, 10 years ago. Since then she has used yoga as a powerful tool to manage the daily challenges of cancer treatments, as well as the side effects and lifelong vulnerabilities they create. She developed a unique, carefully constructed system of yoga poses and sequences based on the specific needs of cancer survivors.

In 2003, Tari began teaching yoga class for cancer survivors at OM Yoga Center in New York City and offering workshops and retreats. With that grew the need and interest in a yoga teacher certification utilizing her researched methodology. She has since trained over 450 yoga teachers from all over the world to meet the physiological and psychological needs of this special population. y4c©, Yoga 4 Cancer classes are designed to address the needs of cancer survivors and patients, provide safe healing yoga and the important opportunity to bond with others ‘touched by cancer’.

Tari was recently featured in the film YogaWoman, and is a regular presenter at Yoga Journal conferences. She lectures on yoga and cancer, teaches classes, trainings and retreats nationally. Tari launched The Retreat Project, a non-profit, funding annual retreats for low-income and under-served populations endeavoring to encourage and cultivate access to the transformative power of yoga.

Tari is Co-Director of the OM Yoga Women Cancer Survivors Teacher Training Program in NYC, is a regular presenter at Yoga Journal Conferences, and is featured in the film –YOGAWOMAN, released 2011