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 with Scott Campbell

Saturday June 6,



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Join Scott for an afternoon of physical opening, mental and emotional release, and healing for your entire being. He will guide you into various Yin and Restorative Yoga poses, taking time to center and relax deeply.

Make sure to have at least 2 blankets and 2 towels for this practice, and you can also choose to use any other Yoga props you might have at home if you like. 

The Yin poses will especially help with opening hips, and lower back, as well as bringing healing to joints, ligaments, and tendons.

The Restorative poses will bring deep relaxation and transformation, with some emphasis on opening and healing the lungs.

All levels of experience are welcome.



"YIN YOGA - longer, more passive holding of yoga poses can condition you to sit longer, and meditate more comfortably" Paul Grilley


Curious what "YIN" is?


Whether you are a runner, a biker, a swimmer, physically active or a couch potato...Yin Yoga is the perfect compliment and balance to our more active, "yang" lifestyle.

Years of a dedicated asana practice will make anyone healthier, stronger, and more flexible, but at some point the muscles will have reached their limit of flexibility. New depths in postures, deeper ranges of motion, or an increased flow of energy may only be achievable by focusing on the deeper tissues of the body.

This workshop will consist of a series of quiet Yin sequences where seated postures are held to stimulate and strengthen the connective tissue and the joints, and to clear away blockages along the meridian lines (energy lines) relating to the major organs. Emphasizing longer, slower floor postures that target the hips, thighs, lower spine, and the meridians that run through them (similar to the effects of acupuncture), one practices Yin poses with the knowledge that you are reaching into the connective tissues of your body - a place that requires patience to open. As a result, dense, fibrous tissue becomes longer and stronger, renewing the body's structure and integrity.



Scott Campbell took his first yoga class in Texas more than 40 years ago. Although fascinated and moved by the experience, he took a very long detour to L.A. for a career in acting.  Amidst the craziness and excess that is L.A.., through the craft of acting, the occasional yoga class, and the reading of many esoteric books, Scott explored the relationship between the body, mind, and emotions. Eventually seeking greater balance in his life, he returned to regular yoga practice some 15 years ago, and used his practice to heal, ground, deepen, and expand what he learned as an actor in L.A.. He is a student of Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism, as well as Indian style of yoga. His teaching reflects the eclectic mix of his background, using what works, with encouragement, compassion, and humor to help each student to uncover and move closer to their truth and the peace and acceptance that eventually comes. He is grateful for the many teachers who have helped alon the way, including Gabriel Halpern, Ti Harmony, Vincent Bridges and the Dalai Lama.