(the organ of summer season)

with Sinead Corrigan


Saturday, July 28, 3pm-5pm

$30 early bird, $40 day of event

Pre-register online here, or call 919-933-9642


Join this special workshop based on the theories of ancient medicine. Each season, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) tells us to pay closer attention to a particular “organ system”. Summer is the season of the Heart System. Our heart is vulnerable to overheating in the thick of summer. Also, when our Heart is feeling blocked, un-stimulated, or generally overloaded with emotion, it creates an inner “emotional fire”. Come learn to balance your inner and outer “seasons” with Yoga, Qi Gong (moving meditation), and Pranayama (breathing practices) for the Heart. Class will include both active and restorative (passive) poses.

Any questions? Feel free to email Sinead


Sinead Corrigan, soon to be a doctor of Chinese Medicine, is a former Triangle Yoga teacher, ispursuing her Master's of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, California. She has been practicing yoga since her teens, she began the study of T'ai Chi (also an ancient Chinese martial art) in 2010 (during her first trip to China), and has practiced many different forms of Qi Gong in China, Hong Kong, and the US for over 5 years. Sinead is currently working towards her Healing Tao Qi Gong Instructor certification, a more advanced form of Qi Gong that works with healing through emotional transformation. She currently trains in TaiChi and Wushu in San Francisco with Martial Arts World Champion, Zhang Hong Mei of Pacific WuShu. Her hope is to use medical Qi Gong and movement therapy to supplement her future medical practice.