Change your life in 2014!

Our YogaWorks Teacher Training Intensive is waiting for you!

January 6 - 31, 2014

If you’re thinking about attending the next YogaWorks Teacher Training Intensive,

but still have questions, doubts or concerns, we invite you to join us for an informative

Master Class-Info Session Nov 16 @ 1pm. This is your chance to hear from former

students about their experiences in the training, learn more about YogWorks,

what you will learn, and ask questions.




Come see what's in store for you!


November 16, from 1pm-3pm

Call 919-933-9642 to let us know you are coming,

or register online here!

If you bring a friend to the Info Session and you both register for the training you get $200 off!

Questions? Call 919-933-9642, or email us at


Sarah Bell

This Master Class is an Introduction to our Teacher Training Intensive

January 6-31, 2014. Sarah will offer a modified asana class and then discuss

what practices will be covered ((philosophy, pranayama, anatomy, physiology,

ayurveda and prenatal yoga), what lineage the training follows, and how

the program is set up. This is your opportunity to ask any questions

you might have regarding the training. Please call the studio

at  919-933-9642 and let us know if you're coming!


Sarah Bell spent 20 years teaching beginners and intermediate students at YogaWorks

in Los Angeles CA, and has been part of the YogaWorks Teacher Training since 2001.

Her style of teaching has been profoundly influenced by Maty Ezraty, Erich Schiffmann,

Lisa Walford and Chuck Miller (we stand on the shoulders of our teachers!).

In addition to various Los Angeles studios( including Yoga Works and Sacred Movement),

she has taught yoga as a member of the fitness staff at Rancho La Puerta, in Tecate,

Baja California. Sarah moved to New York City in 2006 to teach exclusively for YogaWorks.

As a yoga student, she is particularly drawn to teachers who bring their authentic selves

to their classes: their real voices, their real influences, their real joy.  As an instructor, she

aims to bring her true self to the yoga room by way of poetry and language that rings true,

and in turn allows students to access their own sense of self via the asanas

and awareness of breath.

Sarah is a classically trained actress and considers her yoga practice a major part

in the process of stepping out of her thinking mind and dropping wholeheartedly

into a simpler mode...a clear path to accessing her true character.

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