Vocal Coaching for Yoga Teachers,

Public Speakers and Health Professionals

In an afternoon of mantra as vocal warm-ups and intelligent

relaxation techniques, you will be introduced to your own voice in a

way that will help you sustain and uplift it so when you need it most,

it is there for you.


Saturday, Nov 16...4pm - 6pm

$35 prepay

$40 the day of event


Call 919-933-9642 to sign up or


As Yoga teachers, we spend much of our time focused on the strength and dexterity

of the physical form. We refine the postures, and the movement so we can demonstrate,

or model, fluidity and stability most effectively. Instructing an asana room full of students

requires that we communicate on more than just a physical level. With an awareness of the

obstacles along the path of clear communication, we can enhance our abilities to encourage

and instruct others. Concepts such as these will be applied to the speaking voice:
~ Ahimsa~ Stretch~ Support~ Attention~ Intention~ Flexibility ~

SPEAKING OF YOGA is an introductory voice workshop for yoga teachers.
How a teacher uses his voice is of the utmost importance!
Developing and refining your soothing, calming, inspiring, and confident voice

will benefit your classes and your students' yoga experience.
The following is one of the various tools Sarah Bell will share with us Saturday Nov 16 at 4pm;
"Intoning is an excellent way to warm up before teaching a class. Take a sentence and elongate

each syllable, each on the same tone the whole way through and slide each into the next.

How do we achieve this?

Savor each vowel. Here's a good one to use...but english works too!"


SARAH BELL is a classically trained actress with a keen interest in the voice.

Having undergone surgery years ago to remove vocal nodules, and relearning

how to speak through working with a speech pathologist for a year of voice

therapy to aid her recovery, Sarah’s understanding of the voice as an instrument and

how to keep it strong, supple and healthy has continued to deepen over the years.

Sarah is a member of the teacher training faculty at YogaWorks.


Visit Sara Bell's website!

Sarah Bell's SPEAKING OF YOGA Facebook page