Sarah Powers


Integrating the body, heart and mind

through Yin-Yang Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation,


Please bring whatever props you think you might need;

your own mat, blanket, bolster, blocks and strap.


January 17-19, 2014

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

1pm - 5pm each day


Questions? Call 919-933-9642


Please bring whatever props you think you might need;

your own mat, blanket, bolster, blocks and strap.


This workshop will meet at


100 Old Mason Farm Rd
South Campus, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

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Payments cannot be refunded, but may be transferred to other workshops

or classesif your cancelation is made 72 hrs prior to workshop date.
                            If you must cancel, there will be a $100 administrative fee.                                       
Cancelation Policies can be seen below.


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The Franklin Hotel at 919-442-9000


The Siena Hotel at 919-929-4000



A three day Yin Yoga and Meditation Training Intensive

for dedicated practitioners and teachers.


Incorporating a daily yoga and meditation practice into our life keeps us attuned to the importance of living ordinary moments with awareness. Nevertheless, even the most dedicated practitioners hit plateaus and need opportunities to become re-inspired. In this workshop, Sarah will provide an atmosphere for balancing the body, heart and mind through active and receptive yoga poses, as well as offering teachings on Mindfulness Meditation so that we can deepen or develop a skillful and committed meditation practice.

Yin Yoga is an essential compliment to our more active styles and offers a vehicle to develop our contemplative nature. The Yin style also keeps the body supple at its core while encouraging stagnate chi (prana) to flow throughout the joints, engendering a quality of steady ease. The active practice helps rejuvenate our natural vitality while developing a core stability, coupled with meditative, body-centered presence.

This workshop will focus on the integration of our Yin and Yang aspects of being, creating a practice that values both vitality and insight. Mindfulness meditation and Loving-Kindness practice will be emphasized in both the beginning and ending sections of each session.

Each day we will focus on the blend of Yin and Yang sequences intended to balance our energetic center, our earth stability (called the Hara or Dantien in Taoism) in the belly, with our more mobile, or ‘heavenly energy’

in the upper body.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who has been doing Yoga for at least one year and has a strong interest in meditation. We recommend you come with a basic understanding of these practices by reading Sarah’s book, Insight Yoga, and/or viewing her dvds Yin and Vinyasa and Insight Yoga,

Mingling Heaven and Earth.

In this workshop Sarah will encourage us to develop and/or deepen our commitment to a balanced daily practice that nourishes not only our body and breath, but our hearts and minds as well. Each class will give us the opportunity to highlight these four themes individually, so that we might braid them together inside us as a holistic Mandala (or sanctuary of practice) that we can enter daily for renewed inspiration and insight.

The first hour of each class Sarah will focus on salient features of Mindfulness meditation with both lecture and practice. Through clarifying and highlighting the basic tenets of a skillful practice, Sarah will help make meditation a joyous endeavor, reminding us of its essential place in our lives.

Each day, the meditation practice will be followed by various Yin/Yang asana sequences that encourage stability and mobility, groundedness and ease, enabling us to merge what Taoists call heaven and earth within our own bodies and minds, while cultivating the sensitive energy body simultaneously.

The last hour will be given to compassion practices, often called the 4 Immeasurables in Buddhism as the qualities of loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity have boundless possibilities within each of us. To initiate the proliferation of these values in our personal experience, we simply need to passionately lean our hearts and minds in these directions

on a regular basis.

Although each class will be a complete experience, these practices build

on each other. For this reason Sarah prefers that you sign up for

the whole intensive.

Sarah will be drawing from her book Insight Yoga as well as her new DVDs, Insight Yoga: Mingling Heaven and Earth Vol. I and II, so we recommend that you have copies of each of these.



Insight Yoga book by Sarah Powers(

Insight Yoga DVD by Sarah Powers (

Yin Yoga book by Paul Grilley (

Yin Yoga DVD by Paul Grilley (

Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Gunaratana

Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach

Feeding Your Demons by Tsultrim Allione 

Bring a journal for taking notes and writing down your experiences

Sarah is the author of the book Insight Yoga (Shambhala Publications). To learn more about her see her dvds Insight Yoga or Yin and Vinyasa and go to


Sarah Powers began teaching in 1987. She is the founder and author of Insight Yoga, which interweaves the insights and practices of Yoga, Buddhism, Chinese medicine, and Transpersonal Psychology into an integral practice to enliven the body, heart and mind. Her yoga style blends both a Yin sequence of floor poses to enhance the meridian and organ systems, combined with an alignment-based slow flow or Yang practice, influenced by Viniyoga, Ashtanga, and Iyengar teachings. Sarah feels that enlivening the physical and pranic bodies, as well as learning to open to our emotional difficulties is paramount for preparing one to deepen and nourish insights into one's essential nature--a natural state of awareness. She draws from her studies in Transpersonal Psychology, as well as her in-depth training in the Vipassana and Tantric practices of Buddhism.

Sarah and her husband Ty Powers live in the San Francisco bay area and have created the Insight Yoga Institute which offers 725 hour trainings with other renowned teachers blending yoga, buddhism and psychology Sarah is o-founder of Metta Journeys, a service oriented organization that offers yoga retreats internationally to help women and children in developing countries. ( Sarah is the author of the book Insight Yoga (Shambhala Publications). To learn more about her see her DVDs, Insight Yoga or Yin and Vinyasa and go to

Workshop Cancelation Policies
No refunds can be made for cancellations made within 30 days of the event unless the space can be filled.
However, if workshop cancellations are necessary, the fee may be transferred to other workshops or  classes if we are notified within 72 hours of workshop date. All cancellations/transfers will be charged a $50 administrative fee and $100 for Immersions or Intensives.