Join Scott Campbell and Daniel Chambo

for this two hour tonal tapestry of deep

relaxation, healing, and peace.

All levels of experience are welcome.


Saturday, May 2

3pm -5:15pm

$30 prepay

$40 day of event

Space is limited, please register early


or call 919-933-YOGA (9642)




Scott Campbell brings over 17 years of Restorative Yoga experience as well as the organic influence for physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation it has brought to him personally. He loves to share the benefits that come from supporting the body with props and surrendering to their support.

Daniel Chambo has been a student of music since the age of 10, and his deeply emotional and intuitive approach helps participants move deeper into their own authentic experience. Playing his Bansuri (North Indian Bamboo Flutee), he will draw on his studies of North Indian Classical music and Nada Yoga (Yoga of sound), creating each note as an invitation to sink back into our True Self and the ocean of love that exist there.

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"My whole being just felt so happy to be doing this class.

Each pose was so great - I didn't want to come out of any of them.

Scott is a kind and knowledgeable teacher and Daniel's flute was

transporting. Just wonderful." Cathy Pascal

"The class was amazing...perhaps the best yoga/meditation

experience  I have ever had." Mimi Roughton