with Delane Cody

Saturday March 2nd


$30 pre-pay

$40 drop-in (if space is available)
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This workshop will explore the seven main Chakras and discuss the unique energies that shape our thoughts, beliefs and actions. We will then learn how Reiki is an excellent tool for balancing the Chakras so that everyone gets a chance to experience the effects.

The missing link for most of us growing up in a Western society is understanding the importance of the energy body. Our thoughts are energy, and energy needs to move. As Carolyn Myss says, "Your biography becomes your biology". Unresoved life experiences lead to blockages in the energy body (the Chakras). To achieve your highest potential on all levels, it's essential that these centers stay open and aligned for optimum enegy flow.

REIKI is the Universal, high vibrational, life force energy that cleans, clears and unblocks energy pathways to facilitate the body's own natural healing ability,so that physical and emotional well-being is restored.



started practicing yoga 15 years ago for the physical aspect, but soon discovered how it is a path for personal transformation and spiritual growth. Yoga allowed her the opportunity to explore within, giving her new perspectives and along the way her awareness gave her the clarity to recognize that she was not “living her yoga”.  She began meditating and delving into the ancient wisdom within the Yoga and Buddhist texts as well as the modern day teachings of Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Pema Chodren to name just a few. Delane completed her 200 hour yoga training in 2009 and in recent years she has made a lifelong commitment to peel back those layers, turning towards the suffering to release what no longer serves and align with her authentic self.  This led to her trainings in 2016 to become a Y12SR Leader (Yoga of 12-Step Recovery), a Reiki Master/Teacher, and Archangelic Light Master.   Delane enjoys infusing her yoga classes with this ancient wisdom, also interweaving the concepts of energy medicine where dis-ease disrupts the flow of life force energy through the body leading to disease. Leaving the high stress corporate world behind in 2014 with careers in both Market Research and Clinical Trials Research,  Delane has found both peace and purpose in embracing her authentic self as a Lightworker, teaching and healing through yoga, meditation, and energy work. In addition to teaching group yoga classes, she conducts private sessions in both yoga and energy healing,  and teaches classes/workshops in Reiki , Archangelic Light,  crystal healing, and meditation.