Saturday, May 26



with Joanne Marshall



$30 pre-pay

$40 drop-in

(if room is available)

Call 919-933-9642 to register, or

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Myofascial Release is an alternative therapy that uses soft body rollers and small balls to relax and rehydrate the body’s connective tissue system. Fascial tissue surrounds our bones, joints, organs, and other body structures. The muscles have fascial tissue within them and around them (myofascia). Fascial tissue forms a continuous fluid matrix around internal body structures that acts as both a protective wrapping and interconnected webbing. We are just beginning to understand the importance of the fascial web in facilitating healthy movement, reducing pain and inflammation, relaxing the nervous system and improving overall well-being.  

Based on the early manual therapy work of Ida Rolf, researchers and practitioners such as Gil Hedley, Tom Myers, Sue Hitzmann and others continue to increase our understanding of the facial matrix in which our bodies live and the importance of keeping our facial system vibrant, healthy and hydrated.  Our workshop will use 36” soft body rollers and small balls to relax and release the muscles and the nervous system. You will feel the hydrating effect of our body rolling during and long after our workshop. Please join us to roll and release.


Joanne Marshall received her initial yoga teacher certification from Donna Farhi, International Master Teacher and author of many well-known books on yoga. She has also served as a teaching assistant for Donna in teacher trainings and intensives in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Joanne completed additional teacher training based on Body-Mind Centering, the Teaching Yoga to Seniors program at the Duke Integrative Medicine and the Mindfulness program at UNC Integrative Medicine. Joanne has continued to study Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness and T'ai Chi with numerous master teachers at Triangle Yoga and elsewhere. She has taught yoga for over 10 years and is certified by the Yoga Alliance at the RYT 500 level. Joanne is also a certified as a teacher by the Tai Chi for Health Institute. Most recently, Joanne has been exploring the complimentary nature of various body mind practices including Yoga, Pilates, T'ai Chi and Myofascial Release as a basis for creating an integrated approach to lifelong mobility and well-being. Her classes are welcoming to beginners and experienced body mind practitioners.