May 6 - June 3


5 weeks $65

drop-in $15


KIDS YOGA 5-9 yrs

Children who learn techniques for self-health, relaxation, and inner fulfillment can navigate life’s challenges with a little more ease.

Starting Yoga at an early age also encourages self-esteem and body awareness, with a physical activity that’s non-competitive.

This process fosters cooperation and compassion,

instead of opposition.

In this class young yogis will improve focus, coordination, strength and flexibility. They will sing (chant), meditate, practice playful yoga poses, gently encouraging children to focus and center, through breathing and visualization techniques. Through the practice of Yoga they will learn

self-respect, and respect for others, by engaging in poses on their own

and with others (through partner yoga). Through this class children

will learn how to relax in the face of the hustle and bustle of everyday

life by engaging in fun and playful meditation and yoga!

By the end of this series your child will have more confidence, body and breath awareness, coping skills, friendships, and have had fun primarily through the practice of yoga asanas (poses), breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, basic concepts of yoga philosophy (kindness

and cooperation), and simple meditation techniques.

Students should wear comfortable clothes in breathable fabrics

and may bring a bottle of water if desired.







Nicole Mark

the 'Child Whisperer'!

I LOVE teaching younger yogis ages 5 through 17! My intentions for them are to introduce the hatha yoga poses in a fun way, to teach some very basic philosophy (e.g., kindness and non-harming), and to teach some breathing and mindfulness techniques they can use to cope with stressful situations in a way that is fosters new friendships and feels useful in their real lives.

When Nicole Mark was 19 and almost turned her car around in a tunnel so she wouldn’t have to drive through it, her psychiatrist diagnosed her with a panic disorder. She saw many therapists in the following several years, and some were very helpful. In 1999, she came to her yoga mat for the first time on the advice of the “oddball hippie” therapist. As a ballet and modern dancer, she felt great doing asana–out of her head and into her body and breath (and unfortunately her ego about being a flexible dancer), but during her first savasana, she had a panic attack. "It was as though my brain’s computer did not compute “relaxation. It felt good, but so wide open and spacious that it scared me." Nicole's anxiety and depression had become more and more debilitating, and she was hospitalized a few times over the years. "You know that t-shirt that says, 'I just came for the savasana'? Well, I went back to my yoga mat with more and more regularity over time, but I went for the asana!" It took years, and is sometimes still hard for her, to let go and experience deep relaxation."

Nicole loves moving with the breath and also holding poses, so in her adult classes she teaches a “Slow Flow”, where she combine thoughtful sequencing, healthy alignment, and a teaching or idea drawn from Yoga, Vedanta, Buddhism, or something else she's found inspiring to create welcoming, appropriately challenging, and non-competitive classes accessible to all levels. Her classroom is informal – she welcomes questions, mindful comments, and light hearted joking. To that end, she tries to emphasize the qualities Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön who encourages us to cultivate in our practice and in our lives precision, gentleness, and the ability to let go.

Registered with the Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 200 level, Nicole's training includes a 90-hour alignment-based teacher training with Mona DeFrawi at Quantum Yoga and Wellness in Baltimore (2004) and the 230-hour Veda Vinyasa Teacher Training at the former Open Heart Yoga School in Carrboro (2011).She's currently enrolled in Ti Harmony's Path of Yoga mentorship program and is slowly completing her 500-hour advanced studies training at Asheville Yoga Center.

Over the past five years, Nicole has completed additional anatomy training with Ray Long, MD, LifeForce Yoga for depression and anxiety training with Amy Weintraub, Yoga for Athletes training with Sage Rountree, and Yin Yoga training with Shala Worsley at Asheville Yoga Center. In 2014 she received a mantra initiation from guru Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma, the “Hugging Saint”) and is currently studying Vedanta, Sanskrit, and the Bhagavad Gita both in person and in webinars with former swami Prem Sadasivananda.

Nicole is eternally grateful to all her teachers, on the mat and off. Lorraine Treger, her first yoga teacher in Baltimore, suggested that she take a teacher training. Will Walter of Charm City Yoga, introduced her to the Bhakti path when she enrolled in a series on Mantra and Kirtan (she was hooked on chanting right away). Ti Harmony, Nicole's main teacher, has helped her improve her asana practice, understand where energetic blocks might exist, and through his example and openness to questions, continues to teach her to be a better teacher.

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