9 yrs and up

Wednesdays, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Starting Saturday Jan 25, 2014,



We can make exceptions for children under 9

if a parent-guardian attends class as well.


For one child: 5 classes for $65

For 2 children: 10 classes for $125

Drop-ins $15

Pass Cards expire 3 months from purchase date


Call 919-933-9642 to register or




These classes are light hearted classes where children learn age appropriate yoga games, breathing techniques, postures, and relaxation tools. Students will be encouraged to move with a greater sense of awareness and heightened focus. Empowering kids and teens with self-confidence and the tools necessary in coping with stress, this yoga practice will enhance physical performance needed in all sports, dance, martial arts or life! Parents are welcome!


Kristina Cusenza






Date and time TBA

For one child: 5 classes for $65

For more than 1 child; FAMILY CARD 10 classes for $120




Brittny Lowe, a Fitness Instructor, was recently certified in both Yoga and Aerial Yoga. Sharing the practice of yoga, whether on the floor or in the air, has allowed her to find a peaceful place which carries her through everyday life. Brittny is constantly learning more about the human body to understand how the muscles directly connect to your emotions, thoughts and spirituality. Everyday is a practice both as a student and as an instructor.

Brittny spent June 2012 in Kerala, South India traveling to India as a volunteer with Volunteers for Peace & FSL-India where she worked with children at the Marian School for the Differentially-abled. She studied daily with Yoga Master T.V. Padmanabhan from the University of Bihar Yoga Bharathi and also studied at the Parassinikkadavu Ayurveda Medical College. Experiencing the culture of India and having the opportunity to learn Yoga and Ayurveda from the source is thus far been the greatest blessing of her life. Yoga was a fun hobby in the beginning, but is now her way of life.

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