and Qigong

with Barbara Karas



9:15am - 10:30pm

Session 1: March 4

Session 2: March 11

One workshop $17, two for $30

All proceeds will go towards Triangle Yoga's

'CAUSE AN EFFECT' Karma Campaign


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10 reasons To get to know Qigong..Yoga's less popular cousin!




“Shaolin” style Qigong

Perfect way to welcome Spring!

This is a good starting point for anyone new to Tai Chi and Qigong as well as good information for those who have practiced already.

In these two classes we will learn a beautiful 8 movement form called Eight Pieces Brocade Shaolin, based on movements developed in the Shaolin Temple centuries ago. We will discuss Qigong as a foundational practice for overall health and for Tai Chi and its martial arts application. We will learn correct alignments (aka posture) for the exercises and how they relate to our lives outside of class.


Benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong will include improved posture and balance, stress reduction, better breathing, regulation of blood pressure, and a sense of well-being.

Come learn this ancient art of self-healing,

cultivate your own Qi, and share the “ener-Qi” of the group!




10 Reasons to Get to Know Qigong:

Yoga's Less Popular Cousin


Barbara Karas

Barbara Karas first became interested in learning Qigong and Tai Chi when she saw people practicing slow graceful movements in a hospital atrium. Led by a man dressed in scrubs and playing Chinese music on a boom box she knew immediately that this was something she wanted to learn and share with others. She began instructor training in 2009 with Master Ping Zhao at Authentic Eastern Health in Bethlehem, PA. and was certified to teach Tai Chi and Qigong 18 steps I and II, Tai Chi 24 Steps, Eight Pieces Brocade, and Yijinjing. She is also a disciple of Brother Bernard Seif, a monk, therapist, Qigong healer, and member of the Knights Hospitaller who certified her in a form called Five Elements. Barbara seeks to emulate her teachers by encouraging every-BODY to learn these health-building and longevity-promoting Chinese exercises. Barbara teaches all forms step by step so that students can learn the movements at their own speed without feeling awkward. As participants progress, they practice the foundational principles of Tai Chi and Qigong and begin to explore deeper levels of self-healing. Barbara would like to see people in the United States practicing in parks and gardens just like people in China, where they are part of the landscape. A relaxed class atmosphere and gentle music provide inspiration for people of all fitness levels to improve their health and cultivate the universal energy of Qi!

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