A 2 hour workshop for the new beginners

and a refresher for the continuing student!


Sinead Corrigan

Saturday August 17, 3pm-5pm

$30 prepay online HERE

$40 at the door




Qi Gong is roughly translated as "Vitality Cultivation". It includes gentle meditative movements ("wai gong"), as well as seated, internal visualizations and meditations ("nei gong"). There are thousands of styles of qi gong, both ancient and contemporary. Join Sinead, visiting teacher and final year doctoral student of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, CA, for an introduction to the Universal Healing Tao Qi Gong System of Master Mantak Chia. Practices will include:

Gentle movements for opening and relaxing the entire body: the spine, major joints, and the organs

Breathing exercises to recharge your "bio-battery" (Qi Gong says that your GUT is your "bio-battery", and your "second brain"!)

Stress-reduction meditation for releasing physical blockages as a result of prolonged negative emotions ("Inner Smile Meditation")

New perspectives on how to view the human body from a Chinese medicine lens (meridians/energy pathways)



Sinead Corrigan

Sinead began studying Chinese medicine and Tai Chi/ Qi Gong in 2010 during a summer study abroad program at a hospital in Kunming, China. She then spent a year in Hong Kong at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where she decided, after taking another introductory course to Chinese Medicine, to switch her major at UNC-Chapel Hill from Physics to medicine! She later returned to Beijing, China for a language intensive program and a senior thesis research grant project in Chengdu, China on the healing power of sound and movement. Her trips to China inspired her to continue to study Qi Gong in the USA. She began attending summer Qi Gong intensives in 2013 in Asheville, NC with Michael Winn of the Healing Tao USA Qi Gong System. After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Preventative Medicine, she moved to San Francisco, CA to begin a doctoral program in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since 2014, she has been studying Tai Chi (Yang and Cheng style) and Wushu (a style of martial arts) with Master Zhang, Mei of Pacific Wushu. (Master Zhang was classmates with Jet Li in China!). Sinead received her Healing Tao USA Associate Instructor Certification with Michael Winn in 2016, and her Universal Healing Tao Associate Instructor Certification with Mantak Chia in 2018. She is also a 200hr KRI-Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, 200 hr Bija-Hot Yoga instructor, and 50-hr Restorative Yoga. She is also a dancer, and has been to TelAviv, Israel twice to study the somatic movement language called "Gaga", created by world-famous choreographer Ohad Naharin of Batsheva Dance Company. Her classes are full of joy, passion, a love for movement, and a wish to spark curiosity and excitement around tools for self-care and self-healing.