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Liz Alway began taking ballet at the age of three and began a personal yoga practice at the age of twenty four.  After many years of experimenting with different schools of yoga she discovered Aerial Yoga and fell in love with the marriage of dance and yoga that aerial embraces. Liz knew at an early age that she wanted to teach young children and began teaching in nurseries at the age of twelve.  Since then, she's worked in various nurseries and kindergartens up and down the state of California.  During that time she also became involved with the Haight Ashbury Play Program for Youth in San Francisco, working with high-risk children up to the age of sixteen. She also worked with the AmeriCorps Project, the San Diego Natural History Museum, and The Resource Conservation District to provide urban elementary aged children with school vegetable gardens and environmental education programs. Liz was introduced to the Waldorf educational system In Phoenix, became heavily involved in the community, and transferred that interest to North Carolina where she has taught in an assistant role at the Emerson Waldorf School. Email Liz










Brianna Bennett strives to make classes accessible, understandable, and challenging to individuals at any level of fitness. Brianna has been teaching yoga since 2005 and enjoys working with students of all ages and levels.  In class students work through a series of fyoga poses to help synchronize the breath to the movement, develop concentration, strength, flexibility, balance, and clarity.  Class ends with a guided meditation and optional aromatherapy. Brianna structures the prenatal class to offer a well-rounded combination of poses for strength, flexibility, and endurance with opportunities to increase mental awareness; and time for bonding and sharing expectations. Email Brianna





Tracy Bogart's was raised in New York where she attended the Waldorf School and was introduced to Eurythmy (a breath centered practice that guides the body through imagery and movement), but her yoga roots stretch back to Southern California where she studied and practiced yoga in a variety of styles with some of the greats; Erich Schiffmann, Richard Freeman, Chuck Miller, Maty Ezraty, John Friend, Sarah Powers, Ana Forest, Judith Lasater, Donna Farhi, and many more. Some of her lesser known teachers, Remy O'Neal and Riayn Shumacher, were her most influential, but Tracy credits her education in Eurythmy as having the greatest impact on her teaching style. A yoga instructor for over 30 years, Tracy founded Triangle Yoga in 1995, a time when yoga was absent from the area. She has remained it's director since the beginning and has never lost her desire to share this life altering practice with the community. In addition to her teaching and managerial duties at the studio, Tracy also created yoga programs for the UNC Men's Football team, the UNC Women's Lacrosse team, the American Dance Festival in Durham and a number of local gyms. She is certified as an Advanced Teacher by the White Lotus Foundation, completed an Anatomy training with Carol Verner, a Thai Yoga training with Saul David Raye, an Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Rebecca Drake, and has successfully brought over 4 dozen master yoga teachers to the Triangle for workshops and teacher trainings. Email Tracy






Ann Burrus experienced Yoga for the first time in 2001 at Triangle Yoga Studio, in Chapel Hill. One day she quietly slipped into Molly Drake’s class and immediately fell in love with yoga. She received her 200 hour yoga certification from the N.C. School of Yoga in 2003. Additionally, she studied with Sara Meeks, physical therapist and Kripalu yoga teacher, for certification to teach yoga for osteopenia and osteoporosis in 2004. In 2005, Ann studied with Judith Lasater to be certified as a restorative yoga teacher, and in 2008 studied with Nischala Joy Devi, for certification to teach yoga to those who may be dealing with life-threatening diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, and also to those who are caregivers for loved ones with illness.

Ann also was a student of Lillah Schwartz of Asheville, N.C., a master teacher who has trained yoga teachers in alignment-based yoga for three decades, including classes on how to heal your back with yoga. Ann has now been teaching yoga for 15 years. Drawn to the healing power of yoga, physically and spiritually, Ann teaches an alignment-based form of yoga and believes that everyone, regardless of physical limitation, can benefit from doing yoga. Restorative yoga poses are integrated into her gentle yoga classes and students are encouraged to feel comfortable with what comes to the surface as they breathe, move, and release stress.

Email Ann















Scott Campbelltook his first yoga class in Texas more than 40 years ago. Although fascinated and moved by the experience, he took a very long detour to L.A. for a career in acting.  Amidst the craziness and excess that is L.A.., through the craft of acting, the occasional yoga class, and the reading of many esoteric books, Scott explored the relationship between the body, mind, and emotions. Eventually seeking greater balance in his life, he returned to regular yoga practice some 15 years ago, and used his practice to heal, ground, deepen, and expand what he learned as an actor in L.A.. He is a student of Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism, as well as Indian style of yoga. His teaching reflects the eclectic mix of his background, using what works, with encouragement, compassion, and humor to help each student to uncover and move closer to their truth and the peace and acceptance that eventually comes. He is grateful for the many teachers who have helped alon the way, including Gabriel Halpern, Ti Harmony, Vincent Bridges and the Dalai Lama. Email Scott





Margaret Chesson, PT-GCS, RYT, graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in Physical Therapy in 1976. She has worked most of her PT career in orthopedic or geriatric physical therapy, working the past ten years at Carol Woods Retirement Center part time where she also teaches senior gentle yoga classes. Her attraction to yoga was a natural extension of her interest in intersection of western and eastern thought. She first trained with Ginger Garner, MPT, RYT, ATC, a long time physical therapist and yoga teacher who specializes in chronic pain management. Most recently she successfully completed the 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training with Body, Mind and Spirit of Chapel Hill.


Margaret also credits the nurturing and attentive tutelage from the instructors of Triangle Yoga with the development of her own personal practice. It is Margaret's desire to share her enthusiasm for the health  benefits of yoga with every Body and reassure you that it is never too late and you are never too old  to begin the yogic exploration. With the ample aid of props and supports, her classes meet  you where you are and invite you to experience the benefits of merging the therapeutics  of movements of your own body and breath with the focus of your mind. Email Margaret



Molly Drake began her yoga practice in college and her

teaching career in 1996 for Triangle Yoga. Through studying, practicing and teaching Iyengar Yoga, she gained respect for the intensity and awareness thatone brings to the practice. In pursuit of her own authentic expression of the spirit of Hatha Yoga, Molly has explored and studied with many nationally known teachers and has participated in dozens of workshops and teacher trainings. Particularly inspired by the teachings of Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten, Molly now teaches in a gentle, yet powerfully fluid, internal, open, and playful manner.

Her classes are not about rigid discipline or intense striving; she teaches the poses as a means to explore and study our inner selves. She sees yoga as being about the empowerment of our inner being through the vehicle of our personal internal exploration, a journey, a continual unfolding and revelation of our true self. Email Molly



Delane Cody started practicing yoga 15 years ago for the physical aspect, but soon discovered how it is a path for personal transformation and spiritual growth. Yoga allowed her the opportunity to explore within, giving her new perspectives and along the way her awareness gave her the clarity to recognize that she was not “living her yoga”.  She began meditating and delving into the ancient wisdom within the Yoga and Buddhist texts as well as the modern day teachings of Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Pema Chodren to name just a few. Delane completed her 200 hour yoga training in 2009 and in recent years she has made a lifelong commitment to peel back those layers, turning towards the suffering to release what no longer serves and align with her authentic self.  This led to her trainings in 2016 to become a Y12SR Leader (Yoga of 12-Step Recovery), a Reiki Master/Teacher, and Archangelic Light Master.   Delane enjoys infusing her yoga classes with this ancient wisdom, also interweaving the concepts of energy medicine where dis-ease disrupts the flow of life force energy through the body leading to disease. Leaving the high stress corporate world behind in 2014 with careers in both Market Research and Clinical Trials Research,  Delane has found both peace and purpose in embracing her authentic self as a Lightworker, teaching and healing through yoga, meditation, and energy work. In addition to teaching group yoga classes, she conducts private sessions in both yoga and energy healing,  and teaches classes/workshops in Reiki , Archangelic Light,  crystal healing, and meditation. Email Delane and check out her website.



Carley Conrad was drawn to the beauty and self-expressive nature of yoga while attending Appalachian State University. Coming from a background in dance and her studies in child psychology, yoga united her passion for mindful movement and playful expression. While living in the mountains of North Carolina, as an early intervention specialist, she provided in-home therapy for families with children at risk for developmental delays. Through this experience, Carley discovered her passion for guiding others, and advocating for human health and happiness.





Following her passions, she traveled to the spiritual mecca of Ubud, Bali to receive her 200-hour teaching certification with Zuna Yoga in 2018. Her studies in Tantric Hatha Vinyasa deeply focused on alignment, pelvic breathing and meditation practices. She is very grateful for the wisdom and encouragement extended from her teachers, Everett Newell and Katherine Girling. Carley’s training and personal practice has inspired her to cultivate strength and vitality by connecting to the source – the breath and inner energy. She strives to encourage her students to explore the unique depths of themselves to express their inner strength through movement and stillness. 

Yoga has become her gateway to connecting deeper with her own spirit and with those around her. With plans to attend UNC for nursing and aspirations to become a Certified Nurse Midwife, Carley hopes to integrate that beautiful connection in her future endeavor; easing women and families into parenthood with support and compassion. Email Carley



Rebecca Drake, Vinyasa Flow Teacher and YogaWorks certified, began practicing yoga with Tracy Bogart while attending the American Dance Festival in 1999. Rebecca has had the privilege of studying with many master teachers, and has been deeply influenced by Sarah Powers, Shiva Rea, Andrey Lappa, and Erich Schiffmann. She is committed to everyone in her classes, and aspires to create a safe and supportive environment  for her students. She has a sweet sense of humor, and encourages a playful approach to practice,  while gently and lovingly challenging her students.

Rebecca was the first Aerial Dance and Aerial Yoga teacher in North Carolina. She currently is the teacher trainer for her MomentOm Arts Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program at Triangle Yoga, and continues to teach Aerial fabric techniques to students of all levels at Triangle Yoga. She specializes in Aerial Dance choreography, having had her work performed by varied artists such as Archipelago Theatre, Playmakers Repertory Company, and the Carolina Friends School dance program. She has also performed at the NC Museum of Art, Fletcher Opera Theater, National Music Festivals and teaches the only  Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Program in North Carolina.






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Kate Flores has been teaching, and offering private, guided, and therapeutic Yoga to both new and experienced practitioners in the Triangle area since 2006. She "discovered yoga" in Tracy Bogart's class while working at the American Dance Festival in her twenties, and the practice sustained her through the crazy years of rearing a young family. At 40 Kate realized that yoga had brought her such great peace and health, it was a practice she wanted to share and teach. She is now a certified 300RYT of EmbodiYoga, with three years teaching assistant experience in the EmbodiYoga RYS Yoga Study and Teacher Training Program. She never tires of continuing her education hours with master teachers such Erich Schiffmann, Gabriel Halpern, Sarah Powers and her principle teacher Lisa Clark. Kate's teaching is built on the foundations of functional alignment principals, conscious breath, body mind centering techniques and a lifetime study of dance. In practice, this translates to a teaching style which explores asana from the standpoint of guided skeletal alignment while encouraging a deeper visceral support and meditative fluidity. "As our physical, mental and emotional bodies are always changing, my purpose is to guide students to discovery and stillness through a safe and accessible yoga practice which meets them where they are, according to the needs of the day."





Kaity Granda, professional dancer, yoga teacher and aerialist, started dancing at the age of five and hasn’t ever really stopped. After college she moved to Philadelphia where she danced and choreographed both as an independent artist and also with several modern dance companies.  It is during this time that she started studying and teaching yoga. With the help of a choreographic grant from the American Dance Festival, she moved to the triangle in 1996.




She began teaching dance at Ninth Street Dance and the Durham Arts Council and yoga at Triangle Yoga. During this time she began preparing to become a Physician Assistant, (PA) and became certified at Philadelphia University in 2000. Currently she works as a PA in Durham caring for low income and uninsured families. She began studying Aerial dance with Rebecca Drake in 2009, and is excited to be bringing her choreographic skills to the fabrics. Email Kaity



Julie Granata Hunicutt is a movement & creative arts educator recently relocated to the Triangle area. After 24 years of personal yoga practice & apprenticeship, a Multi-Style Hatha teacher’s certification, and 11 years teaching in the Los Angeles area, Julie has enjoyed a wide range of classroom environments and a diverse range of students. Julie has studied and been influenced by the Iyengar and Ashtanga styles, among others, and has trained in restorative & pre-natal yoga, and a variety of meditation techniques. A trained dancer, Julie holds a Master of Fine Arts degree with a specialization in movement pedagogy. Her teaching incorporates 18 years of exploration of various forms of Alignment/Movement Theory including Viewpoints, Feldenkrais, and Alexander Techniques. Julie has taught yoga, dance and movement at California State University Long Beach, New York Film Academy, Art of Acting studio, and Steppenwolf Classes West in Los Angeles and her artistic background enhances her awareness of body, breath, and mind. She strives to use this awareness to help others discover their strength, creativity and potential in a safe, challenging and supportive environment where all are welcome. Email Julie








Abby Hylton an aerialist and youth organizer with the Reintegration Support Network and the Youth Community Project, both based in Carrboro. Abby completed Jill Menard's Aerial Dance Teacher Training in 2014, and then received additional training at the New England Center for Circus Arts. Abby loves teaching (especially children and and young adults), choreography, and performing, and hopes to combine working with youth and Aerial Dance in the future.




Nasim Maani spent her formative years living in Austria, raised by Persian parents. She has lived, studied and worked in New Zealand, Slovenia, Hungary, Arizona, and China. Since June 2017 Nasim and her family are calling Chapel Hill their home.

Nasim is an architect, artist, yoga teacher and yoga therapist. She's been practicing yoga for over 20 years and has teaching for 14years. Nasim completed her 250 hr training with the Providence Institute, and her 500 hr training with Integrative Yoga Therapy at the Kripalu Institute. She has been a Yoga Therapist since 2012, and internationally certified since 2016. Nasim deepened her practice of Yoga and Yoga Therapy through workshops with many influential teachers including Shiva Rea, Sarah Powers, Judith Lassiter, Donna Farhi, and Angela Farmer.


Nasim's area of expertise is is in teaching group classes that focus on stress release and management, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. For private Yoga Therapy sessions email Nasim.










Kathy Peillot's classes integrate inspiring themes, principles of mindful alignment, and a balance between precise instruction, slow flow and deep relaxation. She strives to help each student maintain a compassionate dialogue with their body, to carry that sense of empathy and connection towards others, and to deepen the heart-mind awareness while having fun. Kathy grew up in France and is now a Parisian of the 'Paris of the Piedmont' in Carrboro! Over the years, Yoga has been a powerful tool for enhancing her health and happiness through a cultivated connection between the different layers of her being. In 2011, she completed a 200-hour training with the Triangle Anusara Yoga Institute, after falling in love with Aerial Yoga she completed the MomentOm Arts Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Rebecca Drake at Triangle Yoga, she is continuing her a 500-hour teacher training along with Thai Yoga Massage, and recently completed a Pre-Postnatal Teacher Training through Whole Mama Yoga. Kathy is very thankful for her diverse community and her many teachers. Email Kathy



Elyse Ribbons originally trained with Dominique Renucci at the Jivatme Yoga Studio in Shanghai China in 2016, and since then she has continued her studies with 50 hours of Rocket Yoga training with David Kyle, 20 hours of Aerial Yoga training at the Z&B Studio in Shanghai, and is currently working to finish her 85 hours of Prenatal Yoga with Bluepoint Yoga in Durham. She has also participated in countless workshops, some utilizing Tea and Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga, Energy Channels of Yoga, Yoga Therapy For Trauma, extensive Meditation training with Tibetan monks in the Tibetan plateau region of Qinghai, and most recently in Senior Yoga and Chair Yoga as part of the NC Yoga Fest. Elyse has a passion for helping people to connect with their bodies and find their own yoga joy in a healthy and sustainable way. Often her biggest moments of accomplishment are when she inspires others to practice Yoga through her posts on social media, as well as encouraging people who don’t normally classify themselves as “Yoga People” to try it out and find their own yoga joy. Emai Elyse




Stephen Sheikhli was a very inflexible marathon runner before struggling through his first yoga class in 2007. A year later, he became a 200-hour certified yoga instructor through YogaWorks, hosted by Triangle Yoga. Since then, he has taught at numerous studios and corporate gyms in the Raleigh area. His classes follow the YogaWorks style in their blend of flow plus Iyengar-based alignment, but they add influences drawn from the workshops of the many master teachers Stephen has studied with over the years, including Gabriel Halpern, Doug Keller and Ray Long. When not teaching, Stephen practices various styles of Hatha yoga and works as a freelance editor. Email Stephen












Paula Shile has been a lifelong celebrant of movement and sport. Her modern dance classes began at the age of 4. The passion for dance led her to the Boston Conservatory of Music as a dance major. Paula's athletic pursuits have included cross-country running, gymnastics, skiing, and sailing. As happens for so many people with a background in dance, the transition to yoga and Pilates was natural for Paula. As her spiritual life developed, yoga became a path for sacred expression. Her Pilates classes are a blend of several movement traditions, honoring a lifetime of influences. Paula is certified in yoga and mat Pilates through IFTA. She has taught in the area for the last 12 years. Off the mat, Paula is a travel agent in Chapel Hill and a Reiki master. She loves sharing her joy and gifts with others.

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 Anne Wright, RYT, grew up moving every few years from Berkeley to PA, Kansas City to Chicago, New York to Toronto. She studied Art History and Educational Psychology at R.M.W.C in Virginia and was the first female student to attend Washington & Lee University. She received her M.Ed. in Counseling from Duke University and began work on her doctorate in Education before realizing she really belonged in design school! Anne taught grades 3-5 and oversaw the Homebound Program for Durham County. She also taught Visual Arts in middle school for many years. Today she is a professional painter. She loves color and lives for light. Diagnosed with Premature Osteoporosis and instable joints, at a young age, she credits yoga and Pilates with allowing her to toss aside her handicapped placard and live pain-free. A  series of injuries led her ultimately to yoga. In recent years she has studied with Master Teachers Gabriel Halpern, Paul & Suzee Grilley, Doug Keller and Ray Long. Philosophically,



Anne finds that yoga resonates with the beauty she sees in the world and the goodness in each of us. Yoga teaches us to pay attention, to be awake/aware for each moment, and to live our lives to the fullest. This helps foster a sense of well-being, relaxation and calm even in a stressful and competitive world.  Anne believes that though we come to our mats for physical reasons, we are gifted with much more. Through simple being, attention, acceptance and love, we meet ourselves there and learn how to live. Email Anne






Morris Arthur, 1995

Creator of Triangle Yoga's database,'Mula Bandha'





'Mula Bandha' The application of Mula Bandha means drawing up the muscles of the perineum. Although difficult, one practices contracting and relaxing the whole of the pelvic floor until muscle tone is gained. The importance of Mula Bandha is the foundation for core strength in the body. On a psychic level, the contraction of Mula Bandha also activates the base chakra, muladhara. This is the chakra for spiritual awakening and earth energy, and its activation

can lead to rapid progress in the spiritual aspects of yoga when the energy released is channelled in the right direction.