with Gabriel Halpern

September 28-30, 2012

$235 for the entire weekend  (141/2 hrs)

TRIANGLE YOGA STUDENTS holding a current 3 month Pass Card,

SENIORS and UNIVERSITY STUDENTS, will receive the discounted

rate of $185 for the entire workshop.

will receive a discounted rate of $175 for

the entire workshop (141/2 hrs)

before Sept 1st...$185 after


Please call 919-933-YOGA (9642) to register


Yoga props can help refine our poses in the most innovative ways. Instead of bemoaning

our fate when our anatomy can’t execute a position properly, props to the rescue! The simple resistance of a belt can increase strength, flexibility, and stamina all the while developing better alignment than would exist without the prop. Having thus planted a cellular memory in the body, our practice works towards independence. All props create a level playing field for any student to help them get back in the yoga game again.


This year Gabriel brings us

'Body Sighting' and 'Hands On Adjusting' in each session.

We will kick off our weekend journey with a discussion group entitled

'Bring Your Complaint'

Deposits and fees cannot be refunded,

but can be transferred to other workshops or classes.
If you must cancel, there will be a $35 administrative fee.

Friday Afternoon Discussion


Bring Your Complaint

Please prepare ahead, for this Q&A

Problems with an asana? Something hurts? Ask the expert, Gabriel!



Friday Eve


Restorative Yoga and Pranayama


Yoga is the best antidote for the manic-depressive culture we live in. Whether you’re blowing

hot (manic), cold (depressive), or fluctuating back and forth between the two, yoga teaches techniques that are simple, safe, and effective. Come to combat the stress that comes from

trying to do it all and then crashing when you realize you can’t because you are over extended. Time to relax and renew.



Low Back Solutions


Back and spinal discomfort can incapacitate many of us at one time or another.

Creating space between the vertebra and opening up the muscular and fascial

adhesions bring immediate relief and a feeling of well being. The use of props can ease

us into difficult poses and help us learn how to stay longer without overdoing or backing off.

Saturday Eve


Neck and Shoulders


Maximum health of the shoulders and neck can be achieved by a variety of poses of

which change the alignment of the head and trunk. Through the practice of standing,

sitting, supine, and inverted poses, which are modified for each individual, long standing

and chronic aches will be given relief from nagging kinks and unnecessary discomfort.

Special attention will be given to safety with inversions, showing how to protect the neck

and build upper body strength without the fear of future injury.


Sunday Afternoon


Hips and Knees


One startling discovery is that pain in the knees is often referred there from the hips.
Consistent yoga practice confers two benefits: looser hips and flexible knees.

Stiffness and immobility can become a thing of the past. For students with special needs,

yoga has ways of helping injuries recover from trauma and heal more quickly.

Yogis claim that increasing circulation and oxygenation to any

body part renews its life.


Sunday Closing Ceremony


















Gabriel; Master Yoga Teacher, Philosopher, Psychologist and Comedian!

GABRIEL HALPERN is an acknowledged senior student of the yogic arts. Certified and trained by the internationally acclaimed

master Yogacharya BKS Iyengar, he has maintained his practice and study for over three decades and gives workshops nationally.

He transmits the ancient wisdom in contemporary embodiments that not only sharpen our postures, but ignite our spiritual life as well.

In addition to degrees in philosophy and health psychology, Gabriel is a professor at DePaul University in the Theater Department.

Along with yoga, Gabriel brings the healing salves of music, humor, story telling, ritual, games, nature worship and silence.

An accomplished vegetarian chef and practitioner of kitchen sink mysticism, his life is celebrated with his wife Margaret

and their prides and joys: Tara (17) and Kailey (15).