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Ayurvedic Yoga is the combination of Yoga and Ayurveda. They are referred to as "Sister Sciences". When combined, they form a healing union unlike any other you've ever experienced. Ayurveda Medicine originated in India 3000 years ago and remains one of the country's health care systems. Because Ayurveda is designed around seasonal changes, the wisdom of Ayurveda can inform our yoga postures, breathwork and meditation. This practice is for every body, no matter what age, ability or belief.



Deep Stretch is different from most traditional classes in that we don't explore any standing postures. Remaining close to the floor allows you to penetrate deep beneath the surface of your body. Through twisting and stretching you can unlock and release enormous amounts of tension. Relaxing into the realm of your hips and shoulders, you can immerse your attention and heighten your level of awareness. Appropriate for all levels.



Inner Body Yoga is based on the teachings of Angela Farmer, and is about undoing rather than doing. It is a feminine style aimed at learning to listen to your inner body -- your true teacher. Instead of striving to achieve a pose (approaching a pose as something to do perfectly), we will be using the poses as an opportunity to see what is extra that we can let go of. Learn how to turn off the thinking mind that wants to control the body  and turn on the listening heart for a more organic, intuitive experience. Participants will come away with an understanding of how they might feel a deeper ease and openness as a result of honoring the feminine. Prerequisite: an imagination! All levels are welcome


Restorative Yoga poses are practiced slowly and with breath awareness, using the support of bolsters, blankets, blocks and sometimes chairs, allowing the body to feel at ease and completely release. The entire practice is done on the floor. This class is for students who want to practice at a slower pace and move inwards to promote healing, rejuvenation and deep relaxation! It is recommended for students that are healing from injuries, any one who is experiencing stress or fatigue or for anyone who really wants or really needs to learn to relax. When we practice yoga this way we become more flexible in the body and mind, without effort.


Vinyasa Flow syncs movement and breath, building endurance and stamina through sequencing the poses similar to the traditional Sun Salutation. The progression of poses are designed to warm up the body and take you from basic postures to more intermediate or advanced movements as your muscles become more malleable.


Yoga Over 50 (ageless yoga for baby boomers) meets the needs of the emotionally apprehensive newcomer, the student physically limited by age, or someone simply wanting to move a bit slower. All ages are welcome. Students will practice learning the fundamentals of the postures with an emphasis on alignment, breathing techniques, and relaxation.