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Aerial Dance (a session class) gracefully moves you in the air, suspended on fabric, free from the confines of gravity. You will build strength,  flexibility, and release compression from the body. This class will teach you the fundamental techniques of aerial fabric including climbing, foot locks, wrist locks, and sling work. You will find this class a safe and positive introduction to moving in the air. No experience is necessary, just an open mind, and a desire to get off the ground. After completing the Level 1 session one can sign-up and enjoy the Level 2 training. Drop-ins are not permitted. Classes fill up quickly, so pre-registration is required.

Aerial Yoga is a uniquely developed practice for beginners thru all levels of experience that combines traditional Yoga postures with the basic training of an Aerialist. With the weight of the body supported, students learn how to achieve proper postural alignment through relaxation rather than effort, enhancing a relaxed and peaceful state of mind as well. Challenging traditional Yoga postures such as inversions and deep back bends can be achieved without effort or strain with the use of the Aerial Yoga fabric. Deep muscle releases achieved in the air allow students to explore much deeper stretches in their traditional Yoga postures on the floor. Common Yoga-related injuries caused by over stretching the shoulders and compression in the lower back are addressed through exercises that strengthen shoulders without compromising flexibility, and by strengthening core abdominal muscles without compression of the spine. Aerial Yoga is the perfect solution for those students yearning for something different to explore in their practice. You can also find Aerial Yoga Workshops througout the year.

Align & Flow emphasizes slowing down, moving mindfully through each pose, and linking movement and breath to expand our sense of awareness while building stability. From that steadiness we can find more ease or openness in a pose and find the balance between effort and ease. The majority of yoga injuries happen when we transition too quickly between poses or without optimal alignment, so allowing the time to tune into our sensations and feel through what is “right” for our body, from moment to moment, will leave you with a feeling of overall completeness.


Deep Stretch is different from most traditional classes in that we don't explore any standing postures. Remaining close to the floor allows you to penetrate deep beneath the surface of your body. Through twisting and stretching you can unlock and release enormous amounts of tension. Relaxing into the realm of your hips and shoulders, you can immerse your attention and heighten your level of awareness. Appropriate for all levels.

Flow & Restore brings together aspects of our Slow Flow and Restorative classes. The results of combining these two modalities leaves you feeling relaxed and recharged. Class starts with a gentle warm up, leading into an integrated Slow Flow where we incorporate breath work and use of props. The flow sequence focuses on creating opportunities to stretch, strengthen, and experiment with balance. As physical tension dissolves, a sequence of juicy restorative poses helps you reconnect to a relaxed self, restoring balance and inner stillness.

Inner Body Yoga is based on the teachings of Angela Farmer, and is about undoing rather than doing. It is a feminine style aimed at learning to listen to your inner body -- your true teacher. Instead of striving to achieve a pose (approaching a pose as something to do perfectly), we will be using the poses as an opportunity to see what is extra that we can let go of. Learn how to turn off the thinking mind that wants to control the body  and turn on the listening heart for a more organic, intuitive experience. Participants will come away with an understanding of how they might feel a deeper ease and openness as a result of honoring the feminine. Prerequisite: an imagination! All levels are welcome.

Prenatal Yoga classes focus on postures that are appropriate for pregnant women with an emphasis on breathing, relaxation, and muscle toning. Classes aim for the best possible pregnancy and delivery by learning to stretch and strengthen the body, focus and relax the mind, control breathing and develop awareness. Both prenatal and Postnatal Yoga is a wonderful way to bond with your baby while he/she is in the womb as well as in the world. Classes can also help you to deal with all the changes happening to your body, and practicing yoga will help you recover more quickly after the birth. Prenatal Yoga class are a great way to bond with other moms, relax, daydream and honor the life growing within you and yourself. Drop-ins always welcome

Postnatal Yoga helps new mothers and babies stay centered, strong and aware during their first months together. Bring your little one, from infant through crawling to this nurturing class.  Common postpartum and baby handling/carrying issues are addressed with toning, core strength, and stretching.  An infant massage and developmental neuromuscular movement routine will be shared to deepen the bonding between you and your baby. Drop-ins always welcome.

Slow Flow is a mindful and internally compelling practice that emphasizes strengthening the body and increasing awareness. With detailed attention on the transitions between the poses, we incorporate breath work, innovative use of props and creative sequencing. This system helps address asymmetries and injuries, promoting freedom and space on physical, mental, and energetic levels. Class will provide a thoughtful asana (postures) sequence with special attention on the link between breath and movement, the art of transitioning from one movement to the next, and mindful alignment within each posture. While slower-moving, this class is not necessarily easy. Holding postures builds muscular strength, and transitioning mindfully builds focus and awareness while attention to alignment keeps our practice safe. When we take time, our nervous systems relax, our minds slow down, our muscles become supple, our breath deepens – our inner chemistry shifts towards a biological balance, which one experiences as peace, tranquility, relaxation, and emerging bliss. Slower is stronger, gentle is the new advanced!

Restorative Yoga poses are practiced slowly and with breath awareness, using the support of bolsters, blankets, blocks and sometimes chairs, allowing the body to feel at ease and completely release. The entire practice is done on the floor. This class is for students who want to practice at a slower pace and move inwards to promote healing, rejuvenation and deep relaxation! It is recommended for students that are healing from injuries, any one who is experiencing stress or fatigue or for anyone who really wants or really needs to learn to relax. When we practice yoga this way we become more flexible in the body and mind, without effort.

Vinyasa Flow syncs movement and breath, building endurance and stamina through sequencing the poses similar to the traditional Sun Salutation. The progression of poses are designed to warm up the body and take you from basic postures to more intermediate or advanced movements as your muscles become more malleable.

Yin-Yang Yoga balances active (Yang) poses with passive (Yin) poses leaving plenty of time to relax deeply at the end of class. The active (Yang) poses help to wake us up and to feel more alive; engaging and stretching muscles, as well as purifying our system with the assistance of conscious breath. The passive (Yin) poses initiate a slower pace, guiding us inward with a focused mind and breath and creating a potential for a deeper emotional release. There are many therapeutic benefits to the joints, connective tissue, ligaments and tendons through the practice of Yin Yoga. All levels of experience are welcome, and modifications of poses will be suggested for those who are new to Yoga, or facing physical challenges. Plan to leave feeling energized, relaxed, and renewed.

Yoga Over 50 (ageless yoga for baby boomers) meets the needs of the emotionally apprehensive newcomer, the student physically limited by age, or someone simply wanting to move a bit slower. All ages are welcome. Students will practice learning the fundamentals of the postures with an emphasis on alignment, breathing techniques, and relaxation.