with Sinead Corrigan

Saturday July 27


$30 early bird

$40 day of event

Pre-register online HERE, or call 919-933-9642


Based on the principles of

Chinese Medicine's Meridian Theory

and the 5 Element Theory

Come join enjoy a relaxed afternoon of Restorative Yoga combined with Traditional Chinese Wisdoms. This workshop will introduce what an 'acupuncture meridian' is, focusing specifically on the meridians which are said to pass through the heart organ. We will explore how we can stretch and focus on this meridian so have positive physiological and psychological effect on our mind-body, Chinese Medicine's main aim is to harmonize the individual withe the rhythms of nature, thus amplifying the health of both internal and external environments. Each season is said to predispose a specific organ system to illness, In summer the heart has to work harder to cool the body.

Come learn how to care for your heart in the season of summer!


This workshop includes:
Basic Chinese Medicine Anatomy and Physiology

How stretching different parts of your body can affect certain

organs and help balance specific emotions.
Taoist breathing practices for relaxation and concentration
Deep and gentle stretches to explore the Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory
Postures designed to help our mind focus on specific

acupuncture points in order to create deeper psychological concentration


Sinead Corrigan (a former Triangle Yoga teacher) is in her final year of Traditional Chinese Medicine in SF, CA. She is a certified Restorative Yoga , Kundalini Yoga, and Bija Hot Yoga Instructor. She has studied in NC, India, China Hong, Kong , and San Fransisco. Sinead has been studying Tai Chi/Qi Gong and is now a Healing Tao/Qi Gong teacher. Graduating from UNC-CH with a BA in Biophysics of Preventive Medicine, Sineaed then moved to the Bay area to begin studying at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her passion is to connect people to their bodies so that they may make health decisions from a place of sensing into their own needs, in addition to analytical and pragmatic thought.

Any questions? Feel free to email Sinead