24 movements

with Elyse Ribbons



(no experience necessary)



(to attend this session you have to have taken Beginners Tai Chi)


Sundays at 1:45-2:45

Dates TBA

5 classes



Call 919-933-9642 to sign up,




The power of breath, mental focus and physical connectedness all come together in this ancient Chinese health practice.  An internal martial art, the practice relies on the philosophy of yin and yang to stimulate and balance the body through a flowing movement.  This course will focus on the Yang style of 24 movements.  Each week we will review the previous week’s movements, and then focus on the new movements and adding them in slowly so as to be easily integrated into our growing practice.  Benefits of Tai Chi include increased strength, joint mobility and balance, but no special physical ability is required.


All levels and abilities welcome, suitable for

beginning and continuing students


Elyse Ribbons originally trained with Dominique Renucci at the Jivatme Yoga Studio in Shanghai China in 2016, and since then she has continued her studies with 50 hours of Rocket Yoga training with David Kyle, 20 hours of Aerial Yoga training at the Z&B Studio in Shanghai, and is currently working to finish her 85 hours of Prenatal Yoga with Bluepoint Yoga in Durham. She has also participated in countless workshops, some utilizing Tea and Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga, Energy Channels of Yoga, Yoga Therapy For Trauma, extensive Meditation training with Tibetan monks in the Tibetan plateau region of Qinghai, and most recently in Senior Yoga and Chair Yoga as part of the NC Yoga Fest. Elyse has a passion for helping people to connect with their bodies and find their own yoga joy in a healthy and sustainable way. Often her biggest moments of accomplishment are when she inspires others to practice Yoga through her posts on social media, as well as encouraging people who don’t normally classify themselves as “Yoga People” to try it out and find their own yoga joy.