with Nasim Maani 


and the practice of sleep hygiene! 


Saturday March 30th


$30 pre-pay

$40 drop-in (if space is available)
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This workshop will share nuggets of wisdom from the world’s oldest medical system (5000 yrs) that originated in India, called Ayurveda - “the Science of Life”. Certified yoga therapist, Nasim Maani, will share how basic knowledge of Ayurveda can enhance and deeply inform our yoga practice. The workshop will have a lecture, as well as a practice component.

Yoga and Ayurveda are called "sister sciences” and so, when combined, they form a healing union and create a yoga class unlike any you've ever experienced.
The wisdom of Ayurveda will inform our asana (postures), breathwork and meditation and the practice is geared to responding to our body type and the seasonal changes, around and within us.

Classes are designed to delve deeper into that authentic connection of mind, body and spirit, while addressing one of the many jewels of wisdom Ayurveda has to offer for skillful and mindful living.

Come join a wonderfully nourishing practice that is a workout for body, mind and spirit and allows you to feel true balance.

Whether you are a beginner, an advanced practitioner, or even if you have never done yoga before, Ayurvedic Yoga is for every person no matter what age, ability or personal belief.