with Sommer & Paul Sobin,

and everything you need to know about it.

Winter Session: January 12th - April 10th, 2010

Investment; 13 classes for $169,

or our Early Bird Discount $156 (valid during FREE WEEK only).

If you purchase a second Anusara Yoga Session Class we will give you even more of a discount. You will pay $11 per class, costing you only $143 for 13 classes!

To register for an Anusara Yoga Class please call the studio @ 919-933-9642.

We accept all credit cards.

Payment can also be made in the office with cash, checks or credit cards,

but must must be made in full at time of registration.

The discount ends Saturday, January 9th, at 1pm.

How session classes work:

Registration is for a specific level of class on a specific day for once a week through duration of the session. Students are encouraged to consult with teacher for appropriate level if new to Anusara Yoga or for permission to move up to a new level.  Classes are taught progressively and will review material covered in previous weeks while gradually building up new techniques each week.

Make-up Classes:

If for any reason the student is absent for a class a make-up class can be made in the same level class or a lower level class during the active session. All makeup classes must be completed by the end of the current session. Classes do not carry over into the next session. Missed classes may be made up in advance of absence or after absence. If making up a class please sign in as usual and write “make- up” next to your name.

Anusara Session Policies

Anusara Yoga, Flowing with Grace, is a sophisticated, elegant, heart-oriented system of yoga based on sound biomechanics and life-celebrating Tantric philosophy.

It weaves together all aspects of yoga into a unified whole that celebrates the heart

and honors the body. Developed by John Friend, Anusara Yoga emphasizes

Universal Principles of Alignment to ensure safety in the poses and to create

balance in thebody and mind.

Free Sample Classes are held the week before the session begins.

They are an opportunity for new students to see our Yoga Center,

meet the instructors, and experience the appropriate class level to sign up for.

Please come early to sign in and reserve your space. Mats and props are provided.

Session Class Format: Progressive Teaching is a crucial part of our program.

Each session has specific beginning and ending dates, allowing classes to be

sequenced progressively over the session. This format of classes empowers

students to have a strong working knowledge of the Universal Principles of

Alignment and aids in creating a dedicated, weekly commitment to the practice.

Make-Ups: We strongly encourage students to get the full experience of the course by making up any classes missed. Missed classes can only be made up during the current session at the same level or lower. There is no need to call ahead to take a make-up class. Just come to any appropriate level class and sign in and write “make-up” next to your name on the class sign-in form.

Drop-in Classes: Drop-ins are allowed for students who are currently enrolled and wish to take an extra class or for students who are not enrolled but have completed an equivalent level of Anusara or Iyengar yoga. Anusara drop in classes are $16.

Please pre-pay in the office before class begins.

Refunds: Once the session has began classes are non-refundable. If you have missed class due to a serious illness or injury please make your request to your individual teacher to accommodate an appropriate make-up policy for your circumstance.

Injuries/Physical limitations: We have a wide range of classes to support people with various physical conditions. Please let your teacher know before class about any

physical or medical conditions.

Clothing: Wear comfortable clothes: long shorts, tights or leggings.

Please no baggy pants as they mask the alignment of the legs.

Remove your shoes before entering the yoga room.


Classes Start on Time! Please arrive for your class on time. If you are late, please wait to quietly enter the studio after you hear the beginning chant. Do not enter during the centering please. Please do not enter a class if you are late by 15 min. or more.

Please come with bare feet, an empty stomach & an open mind!

Anusara Yoga 1

Tuesday @ 7:30pm & Thursday @ 5:45pm
For students brand new to yoga. This class introduces the basic fundamentals of the practice. No experience or flexibility is required. It is suggested that most students attend two level 1 sessions before moving on to the next level.

Anusara Yoga 1-2

Wednesday @ 7:30pm & Saturday @ 9am

For intermediate or continuing students. This class is good for those who have practiced other forms of hatha yoga for at least one year but are new to the Anusara Yoga system. This class focuses on developing a greater awareness of the details & actions of the poses, including the Universal Principles, loops and spirals. It is suggested that most students complete 1 year of Level 1-2 before moving onto Level 2+.

Anusara Yoga 2+

Tuesday @ 5:45pm

For intermediate/advanced students. Permission required if new to this level. This class focuses on increased awareness of the subtleties of all poses and includes playful variations. There is a focus on  Handstand, Pincha Mayurasana and Backbends. Emphasis is also on a strength, technique, philosophy and play.

Anusara Yoga Practice Class 2+

Wednesday @ 5:45pm & Thursday @ 10:45am

An invigorating practice with Paul or a juicy hour and a half guided by Sommer, these classes are less formal because they are taught in a practice format (teacher practices alongside students). Focus is on connecting with community, spicing up one’s practice, learning playful variations and modifications. These two Practice Classes are the only Anusara classes available to passcard holders. It is suggested that students have at least one-year experience of Hatha Yoga to attend. This class is not appropriate for students with major injuries or special needs.


All of the LEVEL 2+ classes are PASSCARD FRIENDLY