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Off the mat and into the air, you're never so alive as

when you turn your world upside down!

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1 Week Intensive

July 16-22, 2018

Mon-Sun: 12:30pm-5:30pm

35 hrs total

This One Week Intensive welcomes anyone interested in deepening and expanding their practice; Yoga Teachers,

Pilates Teachers, dedicated Yoga Practitioners,

Dancers, Physical Therapists and Fitness Enthusiasts.

Only 8 spots available


Three Things Aerial Yoga Has Taught Me

Six Ways Aerial Yoga Uplifts Your Body & Soul

About our MomentOm Arts

Aerial Yoga Intensives

Triangle Yoga offers the most comprehensive Aerial Yoga Training Program in North Carolina. The MomentOm Arts Aerial Yoga Training's mission is to provide each applicant with the foundation to teach skillfully with compassion, safety, and integrity, while honoring his or her individual voice and style.



Have you ever wanted to fly?

Have you ever wanted better access to your body, using a method that frees you from the normal constraints of gravity? Have you ever had the desire to improve balance, relieve pain, and inspire positive changes in your life? Have you ever wanted to pursue a practice that is both calming and adventurous at the same time? If you're ready to take your practice, or teaching to new heights, Aerial Yoga is for you.


1. Increased pose access and improved balance: The hammock unloads some or all of your weight, qualifying it as an inclusive prop for any ability; and it increases pose access when full weight bearing on certain joints is contraindicated or uncomfortable. The hammock is also used as a support prop in a balance pose and in navigating a safe approach to gradually building strength and balance.

2. Improved alignment and pain relief: You can practice traditional yoga poses in the hammock, such as downward dog, with a lift that allows postural refinement. When inverted, the combination of the hammock and gravity can allow therapeutic respite from spinal compression and a chance at relief to those experiencing back pain. While being inverted isn’t medically appropriate for everyone, Modified or gentle use of the hammock as the prop generally is, no matter the ability level.

3. Encourages body awareness, focus and a meditative practice: The mobility of the hammock and change in spatial orientation of poses encourages individuals to focus on the present moment. When taking a pose in an aerial yoga hammock, one might find it difficult to allow the mind to wander as the aerial version of the pose raises the requisite of focus, balance, coordination and recalibration of the body positioning.

4. Increases adventure and playfulness: In his book, PLAY, clinical researcher Stuart Brown, MD demonstrates that play is integral to our health and wellness. Brown says, “The beneficial effects of getting just a little true play can spread through our lives, actually making us more productive and happier in everything we do.” The aerial hammock added to a yoga practice can create a sense of adventure, cultivate self-trust and add playfulness to life for better mind and body health and life quality.

5. Inspires positive life changes: There are students who struggle with the perceived vulnerability of letting go and placing full trust into the hammock. But such effort is the work of life. Opening to the experience in yoga class can teach the ability to access an even keel and steady breath if life itself turns you on your head. Brene Brown, Ph.D., says her research indicates that “vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”  Allowing vulnerability into your yoga practice as a learning platform can inspire your life in the best of ways. 

 6. Calms the nervous system and offers support: The hammock has a profound calming effect on the nervous system. The suspension offers the option to gently rock while the fabric provides soothing compression to the skin, which stimulates circulation and encourages the relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system. Lying within the welcoming fold of the hammock, one is able to rest in full awareness on the sensory delight of the experience. You are literally lifted upward, held close, and fully accepted amidst free space for flight. 

Theory and Practice of Aerial Yoga

Topics Include: standing postures (on the floor and in the silk),

suspended inversions, hand stands, back bends, forward bends,

hip-openers, seated postures, and restoratives.

Opening warm-ups

Creative sequencing
Inventive transitions
How to 'read' your students

Hands on adjustments
Restorative postures
Conditioning (strengthening for upper body and core)

The benefits of practicing with silks

Practice-practice-practice teaching

Safety techniques for rigging




$75 non-refundable application fee

$150 non-refundable, non-transferrable to another person

or training date DEPOSIT to hold your spot

$1500 early bird fee must be paid in full

1 month before initial start date.

$1800 late fee after the one month mark.


$200 cancelation fee if made one month prior to start date

$400 cancelation fee if made within a month of start date

Fees include the 215 page MomentOm Arts

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Manual


Payment Plans

Early Bird: three $500 non-refundable payments

due 6 weeks prior to initial start date.

Late Fee: three $600 non-refundable payments

due 2 weeks prior to start date.


Choose your Aerial Yoga Application format:

3 Month Aerial Yoga Training Application (doc)

3 Month Aerial Yoga Training Application (pdf)

1 Week Aerial Yoga Training Application (doc)

1 Week Aerial Yoga Training Application (pdf)


Payment Options

Please send your application to triangleyogaerial@gmail.com


You also have the option to pay directly through PayPal;

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Aerial Yoga Training



Call Tracy at 919-933-9642 or email Tracy


Each training will cover the following...


Warm-ups & Standing Postures



Inversions & Backbends


Hammock Stretching, Restoratives & Conditioning






YOUR TEACHER Rebecca Drake was the first Aerial Dance and Aerial Yoga teacher in North Carolina. She currently is the teacher trainer for her MomentOm Arts Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program at Triangle Yoga, and continues to teach Aerial fabric techniques to students of all levels at Triangle Yoga. She specializes in Aerial Dance choreography, having had her work performed by varied artists such as Archipelago Theatre, Playmakers Repertory Company, and the Carolina Friends

School dance program. She has also performed at the NC Museum of Art, Fletcher Opera Theater, National Music Festivals and teaches the only Aerial Yoga Teacher

Training Program in North Carolina.

Rebecca is both a Vinyasa Flow Teacher and YogaWorks certified. She began practicing yoga with Tracy Bogart while attending the American Dance Festival in 1999. Rebecca has had the privilege of studying with many master teachers, and has been deeply influenced by Sarah Powers, Shiva Rea, Andrey Lappa, and Erich Schiffmann. She is committed to everyone in her classes, and aspires to create a safe and supportive environment for her students. She has a sweet sense of humor, and encourages a playful approach to practice, while gently and lovingly challenging her students.



"I have a chronic back injury and was becoming frustrated with a feeling of being stuck in my body. Then I discovered Aerial Yoga with Rebecca and after just a few classes I felt my overall health, and especially my back was so much improved that I relished the idea of being able to share this practice with others. I enrolled in the 6 Month Teacher Training and have since been teaching at Triangle Yoga. The training was fun, informative, and I met a great group of future Aerial Yoga Teachers. Rebecca creates a very nurturing and light-hearted class environment in which students are encouraged to become a community. Since I have been teaching Aerial Yoga I've had a wide variety of experiences and every class has been a unique challenge. I greatly encourage anyone who has discovered a love of Aerial Yoga to deepen their experience and understanding through Rebecca's Teacher Training." Liz Alway

"Aerial yoga changed my life. With the first session, past the initial nervousness of trying something new, I was shown how easily my body could open up with the help of the hammock. Surrendering to being held by that prop allowed me to go upside down in a way that was so enjoyable, I could feel my spine decompressing. It gave me more energy, confidence and immediately more balance within my nervous system. Finally, arriving at the final relaxation pose at the end of class suspended in the cocoon of the hammock's full 9 feet was bliss. Totally encompassed, totally supported and gently swaying, I felt more serene than I could remember when, even in comparison with final relaxation on the floor at the end of most yoga classes. When the MomentOm Arts Aerial Teacher Training was offered at Triangle Yoga, I was thrilled. Six months later and several friends deeper, I am still thrilled -- Rebecca is an amazingly intuitive teacher and Triangle offers a safe and sacred place to try new things, like this practice. Since then, as a new Aerial Yoga teacher, I've seen many walks of life, body shapes and all ages challenge themselves to surrender to their hammocks, and all walk out of the room seeming taller and with brighter eyes. Aerial Yoga not only offers amazing benefits to the body, but it changes your mind about what you think you can do. I'd recommend this practice and training to anyone, and I do everyday!"

Sage Santmier

"I am not a certified yoga teacher, but the MomentOM Arts Aerial Yoga Teacher Training at Triangle Yoga was absolutely amazing for me! Rebecca Drake is a wonderful instructor and provided all of us with more than enough information to feel confident about going out into the world to teach our own Aerial Yoga class. Her curriculum is well paced and thorough. We spent a lot of time discussing the benefits and risks associated with aerial yoga as well as the physical limitations that might prevent someone from being able to practice, and this helped us understand why it's important to pay attention to our students (especially when they are suspended in the air!). I really loved how Rebecca created a learning environment that felt safe and supportive. She encouraged everyone to develop their own teaching style and did a great job tailoring the class to each person's level of understanding." Kaci Torres

"Rebecca Drake's MomentOm Arts Aerial Yoga Teacher Training has given me a whole new perspective on life. I attended my first aerial class convinced that it would be too difficult, too physically challenging and perhaps medically ill-advised for me. I was wrong. Class was challenging, but only because my practice had become physically limited by osteoporosis and consequent medical adaptation. There were asanas that were not available to me on the mat. But that day I learned that I could fly! Rebecca gently, wisely guided me, as she does each of her students, and opened a new world to me. After my first class I felt grounded, incredibly strong and stable. My overall balance was improved and the constant pain in my back and pelvis was gone. That was my 62 birthday present to myself. Today I teach Aerial Yoga." Anne Wright

"I had just completed my RYT 200 hour teacher training and wasn’t sure about adding an Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, but instruction from Rebecca in the MomentOm Arts Aerial Yoga program was like a burst of light and love. Rebecca puts you in the position of teacher right from the get go. I was teaching a fellow trainee various poses my first day while she observed us. She gave constructive criticism throughout the program, and never failed to be honest in our progression as future teachers. The materials were well developed and organized. The homework assignments were very meaningful and made me think of how to design good sequences, as well as how to cue students through a pose. I especially enjoyed writing notes of appreciation to my fellow students as part of my assignments. If anyone wants to deepen their Aerial Yoga knowledge and teach, this is definitely the program to study. Rebecca’s warm spirit inspired me to be courageous and put myself out there to teach, something I had never planned to do!" Maria Strine

"Rebecca’s MomentOm Arts Aerial Teacher Training was wonderful. Her skill, authenticity and humility as a teacher was reflected through her training. She is inspiring, encouraging, supportive and thorough. I loved how she got us comfortable with practice teaching since the very beginning—best way to learn! She allowed me to find my own teaching style within this newer yoga tradition. She encouraged me to be creative and teach from my own experience of the practice. The training was interactive and got us to learn from each other as teachers.
I highly recommended it to anyone thinking of deepening their yoga practice and/or exploring teaching Aerial Yoga. Namaste!" Kathy Peillot

"I love learning new methods that I can teach to my clients as well as develop my skills as a teacher. The MomentOm Arts Aerial Yoga Training at Triangle Yoga in Chapel Hill is the most comprehensive, engaging, and unique style of yoga that I have incorporated into my repertoire and also into my own practice. Rebecca's passion for Aerial Yoga is apparent. Her teaching style is clear and concise, making it easy to learn the poses performed in the hammock. She has done a fabulous job training us to teach Aerial Yoga safely and enthusiastically to our students." Stacie Dombrowski

"Rebecca Drake is a gifted teacher -- knowledgeable, supportive and fun. Her Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is a great opportunity to really deepen your own practice and prepare you to teach with confidence." Kendra Lerner

"I so enjoyed my Aerial Yoga Teacher Training time with Rebecca Drake and the other super nice ladies this past October. Rebecca was very patient with all of us and we were not always on our very best behavior either...we laughed so hard, and hugged so much and she was a trooper through it all! Rebecca took the time to get to know us, she shared her thoughts and feelings, and listened to ours. We grew a lot under the branches of her tree! Rebecca touched all of our hearts and souls with hers, and she supported us in our every move and breath. She is a treasure of a yoga teacher, and I cherish the time I spent with her this past fall." Suzanne McCartney


"I came to Aerial Yoga with a background in Aerial Dance and yoga hoping for a sustainable practice that would involve upper body strength, supported inversions, and a spirit of playfulness. With the fabric, some asanas became more accessible and others became more connected, changing my relationship to them. I could feel smaller, often-ignored muscles at work and was surprised how much leg strength was needed. I saw a recognition—a collective sigh—in others and myself when we made our way out of savasana. I feel so fortunate to have found my way to Rebecca Drake’s MomentOm Arts Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. Her tenderhearted approach is a reminder of how much more loving life can be. Safety, encouragement, challenge, and appreciation are all part of the practice she teaches and embodies. Rebecca’s thorough training cultivates community and gratitude and we left with so many tangible tools to help us share Aerial Yoga with others—a beautiful manual, lesson plans we created, the experience of observing and assisting in her classes, and the practice of teaching each other and thinking collectively through ways to improve." Nina Vega-Westhoff

"First of all, theis training was amazing, enchanting, and peaceful while still a very strong learning experience. I would recommend this training over and over for anyone who lacks self-confidence, who just wants to be a better yogi and aerial yogist. I, like many women, suffer with a little bit of self esteem issues and I felt so loved by the entire group, and especially Rebecca. She is so confident in her teaching and yet so incredibly loving in her manners and ways of teaching you cannot help but want to learn and do everything she asks. I think besides that fact, the other thing I just loved about taking her training was that she was so open minded to everyone's thought processes. I can't wait to keep on going to classes." Kim Holt





Triangle Yoga..930 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd...Chapel Hill, NC 27514

919-933-YOGA (9642)