On the mat and in the air, you're never so alive as

when you try something new!


with Natalie Teichmann


Saturday Sept 22



Aerial Yoga Over 50 is geared towards those who enjoy a gentle movement practice, whether that be yoga, tai chi, hiking, or dancing. Use the support of chairs and fabric to gently open into your range of motion, strengthen your stabilizing muscles, and to improve your balance and coordination. Decompress joints by allowing the fabric to support the weight of one limb at a time, and enjoy the release of tension as you gently flow through an easeful yoga-influenced practice. Have no fear, we can make any modifications for wrists, hips, necks, and backs.

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Dress Code: Please remove all jewelry and wear a tee-shirt.







YOUR TEACHER Natalie Teichmann Schradle MFA, LMT, CYT, CMA, is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she received her MFA in choreography and performance in 2015. Natalia is the founder and artistic director of ANAHATA Dance, a New York and Durham based company focusing on site-specific performances. She completed her 200 hr Vinyasa Yoga Certification at Laughing Lotus in NYC in 2009 has been teaching since then. She is certified in Vinyasa, Prenatal, Restorative, and Aerial Yoga; Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis; Reiki; and is currently pursuing her Alexander Technique Certification. In general, Natalie’s classes are alignment based strengthening and stretching practices coordinated with your own individual breath. She has worked with a wide variety of ages and ability levels and will gear the class towards those in attendance.