(off the mat and into the air!)



1 Week Intensive: Jan 19-25, 2015
3 Month Training (3 weekends): Jan 9-11, Feb 13-15, Mar 13-15, 2015



Fridays at 4:30pm



(a workshop)

Saturday, November 15 @ 1pm




You're never so alive as when your world gets turned upside down!


AERIAL YOGA takes your yoga practice off the mat and into the air. Suspending your body elongates your spine and frees-up physical compression for healthier joint mobilization. This new art form will also develop tremendous  upper body and core strength. For students yearning for something different to  explore, this class is the perfect solution. Aerial Yoga differs from Aerial Dance in that it remains closer to the ground and supports all your yoga postures on suspended fabric. Aerial Yoga combines traditional Yoga with the physical training of an Aerialist. Uniquely developed for beginners through all levels of experience.


Dress Code: Please remove all jewelry and wear a T-shirt


All Aerial Yoga classes and $20 to drop-in, but discounts

are available with the purchase of an Aerial Yoga Pass Card.

Pass Cards are $100 and Workshop are $30.All sales are final.

Studio credit is available if cancellations are necessary.

WORKSHOPS: Saturdays 1pm-2:30pm with Rebecca

KIDS (7-11yrs): Fridays 4:30pm-5:30 with Liz

Monday 1pm-2pm with Anne

Tuesday 6pm-7pm with Liz

Wednesday 1pm-2pm with Liz

Thursday 6pm-7pm with Kathy

Friday 1pm-2pm with Kathy

Saturday 1pm-2:15pm with Rebecca

Sunday 4:30pm-5:30pm with Sage


Please pre-register at least 12 hrs in advance as there are only 8 silks.

You can call the studio to pay for your class and reserve a spot (919-933-9642) or

REGISTER ONLINE HERE and please specify which day of the week you will attend!

'No shows' will not be refunded. Please arrive 10 minutes before class time to find the appropriate length fabric. If class has started when you arrive, you will have to come back another time. Please wear a T-shirt!

Click here to pay for a a Drop-in, Pass Card or Workshop online

A discounted Aerial Yoga Frequent Flyer Pass Card is available for all of Aerial Yoga classes @ 6 classes for $100 ($16.67 per class), but you can also use your Yoga Pass Card (any size card) for any of the Aerial Yoga classes and Workshops. Two classes will be marked off your Yoga Pass Card when you take an Aerial Yoga class, and three classes will be marked off your Yoga Pass Card for workshops (those of you who are worried about not using all your classes before it expires, this helps!).

Click here to pay for a Drop-in, Pass Card or Workshop online



Check out our  AERIAL YOGA press on ABC News!


Check out an Aerial Yoga Class in action:


Have you ever wanted to fly?

Have you ever wanted better access to your body, using a method that frees you from the normal constraints of gravity? Have you ever had the desire to improve balance, relieve pain, and inspire positive changes in your life? Have you ever wanted to pursue a practice that is both calming and adventurous at the same time? If you are ready to take your teaching to new heights, Aerial Yoga is for you.


1. Increased pose access and improved balance: The hammock unloads some or all of your weight, qualifying it as an inclusive prop for any ability; and it increases pose access when full weight bearing on certain joints is contraindicated or uncomfortable. The hammock is also used as a support prop in a balance pose and in navigating a safe approach to gradually building strength and balance.

2. Improved alignment and pain relief: You can practice traditional yoga poses in the hammock, such as downward dog, with a lift that allows postural refinement. When inverted, the combination of the hammock and gravity can allow therapeutic respite from spinal compression and a chance at relief to those experiencing back pain. While being inverted isn’t medically appropriate for everyone, Modified or gentle use of the hammock as the prop generally is, no matter the ability level.

3. Encourages body awareness, focus and a meditative practice: The mobility of the hammock and change in spatial orientation of poses encourages individuals to focus on the present moment. When taking a pose in an aerial yoga hammock, one might find it difficult to allow the mind to wander as the aerial version of the pose raises the requisite of focus, balance, coordination and recalibration of the body positioning.

4. Increases adventure and playfulness: In his book, PLAY, clinical researcher Stuart Brown, MD demonstrates that play is integral to our health and wellness. Brown says, “The beneficial effects of getting just a little true play can spread through our lives, actually making us more productive and happier in everything we do.” The aerial hammock added to a yoga practice can create a sense of adventure, cultivate self-trust and add playfulness to life for better mind and body health and life quality.

5. Inspires positive life changes: There are students who struggle with the perceived vulnerability of letting go and placing full trust into the hammock. But such effort is the work of life. Opening to the experience in yoga class can teach the ability to access an even keel and steady breath if life itself turns you on your head. Brene Brown, Ph.D., says her research indicates that “vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”  Allowing vulnerability into your yoga practice as a learning platform can inspire your life in the best of ways. 

 6. Calms the nervous system and offers support: The hammock has a profound calming effect on the nervous system. The suspension offers the option to gently rock while the fabric provides soothing compression to the skin, which stimulates circulation and encourages the relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system. Lying within the welcoming fold of the hammock, one is able to rest in full awareness on the sensory delight of the experience. You are literally lifted upward, held close, and fully accepted amidst free space for flight.   

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